Holiday spirit on Hollywood Hill

  • Written by Kara Roth

From Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Nutcracker Suite, premiered in St. Petersburg in 1892, to the GI’s who visited Germany’s “open aire markets” and saw the Steinbach nutcrackers. The soldiers brought the tokens home to “ward off evil”.

Today, nutcrackers are a holiday symbol in the United States, and not any more so than at Scott LeRoy’s home on Hollywood Hill. When walking into this home, you cannot help but be enchanted with the season. There is beauty, humor and not an ounce of discrimination. The nutcrackers of all sizes, ethnicities, creatures and even a Santa mouse nutcracker.

DSC 0034Jennifer, Scott, Joel and Jeff welcome visitors. (Photo by Kara Roth)

Scott began collecting nutcrackers as a child and has kept collecting them to this day.  Everywhere he goes, he looks for nutcrackers to add to his collection.  The collection now numbers over 5,000 nutcrackers. 

His son Joel, said that every-other year, starting after Halloween, the family starts to unpack Scott's collection of nutcrackers. The LeRoy home is decorated with various vignettes of holiday cheer including a custom nutcracker tree made by his son-in-law, Nathan.

Katie Matthews, a friend of LeRoy's daughter Jennifer, who works at Vineyard Park asked the LeRoy family if they would open their home for field trips for the residents. The LeRoy’s were ever so gracious to do just that with four different visits for the residents to attend and have a piece of the holiday cheer. They will host over 100 people during these visits.

The residents were very appreciative to enjoy the wonderous world created within the LeRoy home for the Christmas season.  One of the residents made a Christmas quilt for Scott's son Jeffrey to celebrate the season.

DSC 0008Windowsills, ledges, everywhere is Christmas. (Photo by Kara Roth)  DSC 0022Vineyard Park residents enjoy lunch after touring the home. (Photo by Kara Roth)

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