Village Wines launches new coffeehouse

  • Written by Deborah Stone
Staff Photo/Deborah Stone Village Wines, the “Cheers” of Woodinville, is located at 14450 Woodinville-Redmond Road.
Village Wines is commonly known around town as the “Cheers” of Woodinville.

Originally a wine shop, the place metamorphosed into a wine bar and soon became a gathering spot for locals.

And now, it’s also a coffeehouse.

“We’ve launched “The Place To Gather” at Village Wines with the aim of becoming the premier coffeehouse of Woodinville, serving the greater Eastside,” says owner Tim Bowen.

The local man, who started Village Wines with his wife and co-owner, Lisa Bowen, explains that a longtime customer suggested a while back that the place would make an ideal coffeehouse, as Tullly’s was closing its doors across the road.

“We dismissed the idea at first,” says Bowen, “because we’d already found our niche. But, then we considered it more seriously and saw that it could be a great opportunity for us. We had built our business and this was a logical next step. It would be silly not to go ahead and do it.”

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Staff Photo/Deborah Stone Sarah Overland is making coffee.
Bowen explains that the focus of the new endeavor is on offering the best artisan coffee, which is why the couple decided to go with Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

“It’s a local Northwest company, practically a legend in the area,” he comments. “They’re passionate about coffee and committed to sourcing and roasting the best coffees in the world.”

He notes that Stumptown partners with local growers and establishes relationships between grower and roaster, while practicing direct sourcing.”

He adds, “They visit each of their growing locations and hand pick the beans. The beans spend no more than 10 days from their time of roasting until they make it to your cup.”

Bowen emphasizes that there’s a whole art and science to Stumptown’s process, which results in amazing coffee.

In addition to coffee, Village will also offer Seattle’s Choice Organic Teas and a variety of gourmet breakfast foods made fresh to order.

Currently on the menu are bagels with lox and caper cream cheese, cinnamon rolls, banana nut bread, quiche and other homemade goodies.

In time, more items will be added, but for now, the couple wanted to keep things simple and as Lisa Bowen says, “do it right.”

There are no plans to offer espresso drinks, as the Bowens feel that there are plenty of places in the area where people can get their latte fix.

“It’s really about coffee,” reiterates Lisa. “Good coffee in a relaxing, comfortable place, where you don’t have to stand in line with other impatient people waiting for your morning cup to go.” Tim adds, “We’re already known as a gathering spot in the late afternoons and evening hours. Now, we want the community to know that we’ve added a morning component to the mix.”

Village Wines in Woodinville is now open seven days a week beginning at 7 a.m.

For more information: (425) 485-3536 or

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