Greenland Journal - Part 1 of 3

  • Written by By Christie Fisher
Editor’s Note: As promised at the conclusion of the July 9th edition story about Christie Fisher heading to Greenland with GEaR.  Here is part 1 of 3 of her amazing adventure.
Arriving into Kulusuk, Greenland is like something out of a movie; flying between two mountains, dropping down over town, and landing onto the only piece of pavement in the village. When we got off the plane we were greeted like family, because in a way we all are. John, a member of our small team is married to Tinka who is from this village. I met Tinka the day before when we all arrived in Iceland, and will be spending the next three weeks with my team, Tinka, and her family.
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Retirement: Life in the Fast Lane

  • Written by Guest Column by Susi Carroll
Meet Janet Bacon, a beautiful blond who travels, sails, and gives back enormously by volunteering at two organizations. She has a lovely spiritual nature and is living life to the fullest with her sweetheart, Bill. She met him on  You might think she is in her 30’s if you knew her schedule; but actually, she is 67 and retired!
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Think Twice to Prevent a DUI

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
When Justin Thompson was just 16 years old, he was almost killed by a drunk driver.  That event triggered something in his psyche that became his passion, and ultimately, a business venture to promote preventative solutions for a problem faced by virtually every community in America—driving under the influence (DUI).
The business, named appropriately “Think Twice,” that Thompson co-founded with Forrest McKai.
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Local Resident Christie Fisher GEaRs up for Greenland

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
A military cargo plane (C-53) flying over Greenland during WWII crashes with five crewmembers aboard. All five survive the crash and a rescue mission is launched with second plane (a B-17) carrying nine crewmembers. That plane also crashes on the ice cap. Again, all men survive the initial crash.
With winter approaching fast on the frozen wasteland, and confirmed contact with the survivors from the B-17, extraordinary efforts must be made to save these men. The U.S. Coast Guard positions the Cutter Northland, in a bay as close as possible to the crash site to contemplate options with Greenland’s uncooperative weather.
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Moving to the Music with Global Heat

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton

We recently spent the afternoon enjoying a great musical performance by the band that has Woodinville ties.

The band was Global Heat.  The event was the Festival Sundiata and it took place on June 17th at the Seattle Center on the Mural Stage.

 The weather was sunny and beautiful so it was the perfect opportunity to see the band in action.  The backdrop couldn’t have been more iconic with the Space Needle jutting up behind the stage.

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