Sleep is Essential for Health

  • Written by Dr. Apfelbaum

Good quality sleep is one of the most essential ingredients for well-being.  It occurs more often than you would think that patients come in with a main concern of not being able to sleep.  I am going to discuss reasons for an interrupted sleep pattern beyond poor sleep hygiene and taking melatonin.

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Woodinville Repertory Theatre Needs a New Home

  • Written by David B. Clark

Woodinville is positioned in the perfect center of an intersection where seemingly opposite ideas cross over one another: one rushing to the woods and the other towards the synthetic glow of tomorrow. Whereas Bellevue and Seattle have begotten tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, Woodinville has managed to foster the culture that’s rooted to the ground while actively adopting the swift transition into a highly digital world.

Robotics classes rally students to create and compete under roofs of high schools that have acres of agricultural and mountainous backdrop. The same high schools offer some of the top theatre programs in the country with a dedication and knack for producing some of the youngest and most dynamic performance artists. In an era where everyone’s attention seems super-adhered to their personal devices, there is the steady pull back into the present and real world. While Woodinville’s collective education towards the arts is essentially endless, space is finite. This leaves little opportunity for performance artists, so to speak, outside the classroom.

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Seattle Veterinary Outreach Helps the Homeless

  • Written by David B. Clark
In the United States, 3.5 million people are without a home. Of these individuals, the National Coalition on Homelessness has reported that five to ten percent have a dog or a cat. While there will always be some scrutiny given to at-risk populations, what it means to have meaningful connections with animals which can provide deep comfort is a universally understood norm. The world in which we live cradles those, too, that need help and assistance nourishes bodies and souls while judgment does little more than fill a meaningless void.
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Woodinville Graduate Completes Eagle Scout Project for Local Horse Rescue

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff


Zeke Almond, a 2019 graduate of Woodinville High School, completed his Eagle Scout Project on June 23rd, 2019 at Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) Horse Rescue in Redmond, WA. Zeke designed and built a storage shelter to house tools and equipment at SAFE’s 11.2 acre farm. Zeke is a member of troop 525 and has lived in Woodinville with his family since 2016. The Almond family donated the materials to make this project happen. Zeke built portions of the shed at his home in Woodinville before erecting the structure on site at SAFE. From beginning to end the construction on site took a week.

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Recycling right in Woodinville: Waste Management Recycle Corps interns on the job help us build recycling muscle memory

  • Written by Hannah Scholes, Waste Management

It takes practice to get good at most things, whether it’s mastering a new exercise routine or learning a new language. After a while, the newness wears off and we build muscle memory. What used to seem complex or awkward becomes second nature.

That’s the challenge with recycling today. When China stopped accepting much of the recycling collected in the United States, a difficult truth emerged: we need to re-learn recycling. The old way of recycling isn’t working; our recycling containers are contaminated with garbage, food and other non-recyclables.

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