Sharing Their Blessings – The Story of Ron & Mike

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
To say I was only a little amazed after stopping by the property of Ron Alessandrini and Mike Osterling would be a huge understatement. 
The RAM (Ron & Mike) studio/shop, yard/gardens, and home in Woodinville has so many wonderful features I hardly know where to begin.
But instead of beginning with the place, I should start with my gracious hosts, Ron and Mike.  They both can be described as truly the “hosts with the most.”  The positive aura and energy that you feel around them is present from the minute you are acquainted.  I felt as if I had known them both for years.   Genuine, sincere, and caring are just a few of the attributes that come to mind to describe them.  (Thanks for the introduction Larry!)
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Kadama, an app to help the broke college student

  • Written by By Zachary Jablonski | UW Seattle News Lab

Two University of Washington students built an app called “Kadama” over the course of almost two years with the help of Woodinville student interns and other fellow students.

The goal of the app is to give students and the public cheap and easy access to be able to request a service and pick-up side jobs.
Founders Amin Shaykho  (the CEO) and Marwan El-Rukby (the Chief Operations Officer) started working on the app in summer of 2016, after Shaykho and his brother tried to find help with simple chores, such as cleaning off a table or washing dishes, and the cost of such were overpriced.

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A Star is Born…Brooke Butler

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
From her favorite production at Woodinville High School, Noises Off, to her current role as the young Darlene Snell on the critically acclaimed original Netflix series, Ozark, Brooke Butler is paying her dues and getting noticed.
I caught up with Butler recently to see how she’s faring with her new role and living the Hollywood dream so to speak. 
When I mentioned that things seem to be going really well and asked if she feels like she’s paid her dues, she said, “Never. I never stop working to improve.  You never think you are good enough.  I’m always in class, writing or performing.” 
“It [acting] is extremely cut throat,” Butler said.  She is grateful to have found a group of wonderfully supportive friends and colleagues but that has taken time and it isn’t easily found in the industry.  They are genuinely happy for each other when someone lands a role.  “It is a big enough industry and there is a place for everyone if they are willing to work hard,” she added.
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Three Situations where Knowing CPR Helps

  • Written by Guest Column by Steve Crain, CPR Northwest Washington
Most of the time people think of CPR with regard to a heart attack or cardiac arrest, which is good because when a person is in cardiac arrest, CPR is needed.  But providing high quality CPR is also very helpful in other circumstances not normally associated with providing CPR.   Allergic reaction, drowning or choking can also require CPR to help save a life.
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