North Creek High School Students Get a Taste of Aviation and Engineering with New Class

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Austin Mitchell, a junior at the Northshore’s North Creek High School, grew up surrounded by family members who have been involved in aviation in some form or other, so when the District launched an Introduction to Aviation class this school year, he signed up for it immediately.
“My great-great uncle served in World War II and flew B-17 bombers,” Mitchell said. “My grandfather worked for Lockheed Martin, and my father currently works for Boeing. Through my life I’ve had a history of aviation. Once I saw this class was available, I thought it would be the best thing to take it.”
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Northwest Boxer Rescue

  • Written by David B. Clark

Boxers have held Americans’ hearts as one of the most popular dog breeds for decades. Their brindle or faun colored coats aesthetically blend with their energetic and active personalities. Snub-nosed with wrinkled markings that lend an inquisitive look, these beautiful creatures have made the transition of German working dogs to the living rooms of thousands of families. Though their good looks and well-mannered behavior has made them a popular dog, they are not for everyone.

“Boxers are not like Labs,” said Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) Vice President Chris Sperry. Sperry, who herself has had over ten Boxers throughout her life. “They believe that they’re humans. They don’t understand personal space,” said Sperry, laughing a little. NWBR is a non-profit organization that has made a commitment to help every abandoned or homeless boxer find the homes and medical care they need. NWBR works with a team of over 300 volunteers and veterinarians in collaboration with city and county groups. NWBR also strives to educate the public and help end animal overpopulation and needless suffering.

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Holiday Gift Ideas – For Seniors

  • Written by By the Blue Team: Ashley Farrington & Michelle Blue, Windermere Woodinville

Do you know a senior or have an aging parent who is planning on staying in their home? Here are some great gift ideas to help make their home safer,  simpler and that will give you peace of mind too!

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TEDxSeattle 2018 – Tall Order

  • Written by David B. Clark

TEDxSeattle: Tall Order packed McCaw Hall’s nearly 3,000 seats on Saturday, November 17th. TEDxSeattle is a nonprofit event that is licensed by TED. It is independently organized and ran by volunteers. Elizabeth Coppinger, Executive Director and Curator proudly announced that the 9th annual TEDx occurrence in Washington was the longest continually running TEDx event in the United States, reaching back to its more humble beginnings gathering around 600 people as TEDxRainier in 2010. “What makes the impossible, possible? A tall order requires a dream and a strong determination, whether the challenge is reaching for the moon or the first diploma in the family… Today’s speakers bring their dreams to the stage to share their vision, their challenges, and their firm belief that the impossible is possible,” said Coppinger. The day was broken into four sessions: awakening, discovery, revelation, and transformation. These sessions presented a diverse range of speakers from a prosecuting attorney to musicians and poets.
During the discovery session a woman named Sara Sanford took the stage and gradually brought the audience through frustration, anger, and finally hope as she addressed the inequities women face in the working world. Sanford is the founder and executive director of Gender Equity Now (GEN), a data-driven approach to bring gender parity to the workforce. Sanford said that she is accustomed to receiving messages from women telling stories of how they are mistreated in the workplace. Their names are sometimes left off of presentations they almost solely produced, they’re the ones asked to plan parties, or sometimes they’re not even acknowledged in a meeting. Sanford said that so many of these women’s stories end with self-doubt. They finish their messages to Sanford with “it’s probably just me” before following up with “do you think this is a gender thing?”

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Rules You Should Know

  • Written by Blue Team: Ashley Farrington & Michelle Blue Windermere Woodinville
Everything can and should go smoothly with your real estate purchase or sale but sometimes it doesn’t.  If you are planning to buy or sell your home and you don’t think it matters who, if anyone, helps you - think again. The trends, rules and laws having to do with real estate change frequently which is why the best Brokers stay on top of their continuing education and regularly attend their brokerage office meetings to stay current.  Here are just a couple of examples where the right information can make or break your real estate experience.
Home Security Cameras & Sound Recordings.
While video recording without sound is generally permitted under WA law, audio recordings of private conversations without consent of the persons engaged in the conversations is prohibited.  While providing a conspicuous notice to potential Buyers might protect a Seller, it is safer to just turn off the recording function.  Buyers – you should always be aware that your actions and potentially comments might be overheard by the sellers.
Wire Fraud. 
According to the FBI, cyber criminals stole or attempted to steal almost $1 billion from real estate transactions.  Buyers make sure you know how to protect yourself from wire fraud by always verifying the wire instructions with a trusted source or using a cashier’s check.  Sellers make sure your Buyer has a reputable broker advising them so this doesn’t happen on your sale.
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