‘Juggling’ wins at Earth Day exhibit

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Alison Farmer and her painting, “Juggling”. Courtesy photo.
The painting "Juggling" by Alison Farmer was awarded the Best of Show in the Earth Day art exhibit sponsored by the Sammamish Valley Arts Center.

The exhibit theme was environmental issues, such as recycling, eating locally, conservation, clean water, air pollution, green energy and avoidance of toxic chemicals, endangered species and factory farming.

"We are intrinsically part of the earth, taking part in a much larger interdependent eco-system," said Farmer. "Juggling is about trying to find that balance that will help sustain us both ... .

"I boldly and intuitively painted what looks like a root system all over the canvas, a concrete image to represent the invisible connection that connects everything. I was only later told I had captured the image of a basket starfish.

"When I looked up this unintentional representation, I found the star fish has the power to regenerate its broken off limbs. The message of the painting then became clearer and more hopeful to me. I believe our planet earth has the capacity to self-heal (as we do) if we just start changing our ways that cause her harm. Just begin!"


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