Violent offender arrested

  • Written by David B. Clark
A Woodinville deputy was on a routine patrol Friday, January 5 when just before 7:00 p.m. he came across a car parked at the Hampton Inn (19211 Woodinville Snohomish Rd, Woodinville, WA 98072) which had an outstanding warrant associated with it. Not of slight standards, the felony warrant was for a male subject listed as a violent offender and a white supremacist with an outstanding escape warrant for a robbery charge.
The deputy spotted a male approaching the car that matched the description of the suspect. When the deputy asked for identification, the man fled over a high barbed wire fence. Although the deputy lost sight of the suspect after his bound over the barbed fence, he was able to set a perimeter. Guardian One, King County Sheriff Support’s air unit, was called and the helicopter’s crew was able to spot the suspect.
The suspect was arrested without incident.
The King County Sheriff’s Air Support Unit is the only full-time rotary-wing (helicopter) law enforcement aviation unit in Washington State with Chelan, Thurston, Spokane, and Snohomish counties operating one helicopter on part-time basis; primarily to assist with wilderness Search and Rescue and as wilderness firefighting support. Among many of the other technological capabilities Guardian One possesses, it is equipped with color and forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras and 30 million-candle power spotlights that enable the copter’s crew to spot suspects at night.
KCSOAirsupport tweeted, “Assisted deputies in @woodinvillecity with locating a suspect with warrants that ran from officers near the Hampton Inn off Woodinville Snohomish Rd.” on Friday, January 5.
The car that acted as a catalyst to the evening’s arrest was impound-ed pending a search warrant. Because the suspect was arrested away from the vehicle, Woodinville police were required to obtain a search warrant for the car.
On Tuesday, January 16 the Woodinville police shared that with the warrant obtained they had recovered: an embossing machine which is often used in identity theft, multiple blank gift cards waiting to be embossed with stolen identities, multiple electronic devices, stolen license plates, two black masks, and an airsoft pistol that looked very similar to a real handgun. The department then put forward a second search warrant to search the numerous electronic devices.
Woodinville police shared on Wednesday, January 17 that after obtaining the second search warrant, a forensic detective with King County Sheriff’s Office had begun searching all of the devices so as to uncover any potential victim information that could have been illegally obtained or used.
This is an ongoing investigation.

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