City Council Votes to Benefit Kids with Grants

  • Written by David B. Clark
The Woodinville City Council conducted their first meeting of the month on Tuesday, March 6. After the standard Flag Salute and Order of Agenda, the council moved on to a Special Presentation to recognize two former members of the Tree Board, Tom Quigley and Ron Smith. Quigley, a professional arborist, started with the board February 21, 2012. Smith began his duties on the board May 20, 2014. Mayor Bernie Talmas expressed his thanks to the gentlemen noting that they provided countless hours of work and great insight to the board.
Public Comments followed with President of the Rotary Club of Woodinville, Keith Wells, approaching the podium first to address council. Wells began that he was wearing two hats that night and was happy to introduce first Pam Miller, co-sponsor of Sisters in Action Sports, who approached council to urge them to support a grant for the 15th Annual Skateboard Challenge at Rotary Park. Miller began, “We have a skatepark that’s beautiful… I come here again and again and again and again to say thank you; to serve the largely underserved community of skate kids… I hope you vote yes on this grant.” Miller went on to explain how the event is truly a community accomplishment with the fire department providing helmet fittings for the youth and numerous local business sponsors. Miller continued, “As a proud mother, my little one that’s now 23 grew up on the Woodinville Skatepark has just returned from Shaun White’s Air and Style in L.A. He was one of 16 invited to perform in front of 20,000 people.” White is a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist who has also won Gold at both the Summer and Winter X Games. Miller glowed at the success her son has had that all began with the utility and cultural foundation that the Woodinville Skatepark allowed him.
To follow, Wells introduced Secretary Bob Guide of the Rotary Club of Woodinville to speak on the ‘Warm Coats’ event that last year was responsible for providing 450 jackets to elementary and middle school students of the Northshore school district. Guide asked the council to “resume that support” to echo that outcome into 2018.
In fitting form, the evening moved from Public Comments into Business Items with the review of eligible applications and determination of award allocations for the 2018 Annual Community Grant Funding. Management Analyst Lauren Broudy Thompson went over the total request from six applicants and organizations. The total monies asked of council ($39,271) from the six applicants far surpassed the available funds ($15,000) so the council preceded by debating which organizations and applicants were most fitted to bring success to Woodinville and its citizens. Council member James Evans stated, “We’re the tax payers’ stewards.”
After much debate, the council voted:
$2,000 of $3,000 requested would be granted to the Julia Francis/Community Care Alliance for a one-day resource fair for people experiencing poverty in the communities of Woodinville, Kenmore, Bothell and Kirkland.
$2,000 of $2,000 requested would be granted to Lea Jones/Woodinville Farmers Market for the continuation of the community ‘Play Zone’ at the Farmers Market with some monies used for funding of musical acts.
$0 of $15,000 requested would be granted to Justin Young/JustnTime Records for a Jazz, Art, and Wine Festival and Music Conference.
$5,729 of $10,000 requested would be granted to Sara Jones/Northshore YMCA for the Celebrate Woodinville 2018 celebration.
$4,271  of  $4,271  requested would be granted to Keith Wells/Woodinville Rotary for the 15th Annual Skateboard Challenge at Rotary Park.
$3,000  of  $5,000 requested would be granted to Robert Guide/Woodinville Rotary for ‘Warm Coats’ for 450 Northshore elementary and middle school students.

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