Capital Projects Update at P&R Meeting

  • Written by David B. Clark
The Woodinville Parks and Recreation board met for the first time this spring on Thursday, April 5. Business Items typically take the majority of the allotted time for these meetings, but it was the Progress Updates that drew the most interest and warranted the most minutes for explanation and discussion.
Assistant to the City Manager Kellye Mazzoli led the first Project Update on Capitol Projects. These four developments have been largely in the public eye as they have created excitement and aesthetic progress for the city. The four projects: DeYoung Park, NE 171st Street Urban Parkway, the Sammamish River Bridge Replacement, and the Civic Campus certainly do not come without their share of traffic congestion or unforeseen circumstances that may slow progress yet Mazzoli made it very apparent that things were moving quite fluidly for all of the aforementioned. The recent ground breaking on DeYoung Park on March 19 acted as a symbol for the city’s parks and recreation advancement while holding as the catalyst for the physical progress Woodinville will see throughout 2018.
Mazzoli handed the floor over to the Assistant Public Works Director Asha D’Souza to elaborate on the progress of the Capitol Projects. D’Souza explained that the Civic Campus will be a “full-scale project” with a tentative late April start date. She continued to explain the impact that these will have on the atypical events in the city saying that there is an expected closure of NE 171st street during Celebrate Woodinville. This will not hinder the celebration in any way other than the parking and congestion of traffic, making for highly manageable inconveniences that will eventually allow for a brighter and better Woodinville. D’Souza was also happy to report that the DeYoung park project is two weeks ahead of schedule making it so the estimated completion of progress would land somewhere at the end of June or beginning of July.
D’Souza also understood the importance of the Sammamish River Bridge and its effects on the trail that is used daily for recreation and even for some residents’ commutes. The project, being conducted by HighMark Contractors LLC, will feature sidewalk, curb, and gutter work that will necessitate closures to a piece of the trail but reworkings and reroutes around the construction will be apparent and easy to follow for residents and commuters.
Chair Sean Dixey was very appreciative of the City staff when he said, “Thank you to the City staff. There has been a lot going on over the last few months and on top of everything you’re doing you did this mural and the 25th year anniversary. I don’t know if you get a lot of thanks but I was impressed and appreciate it.”
Mazzoli responded with her thanks to the entirety of the Parks and Recreation board, “You do it for the love of your community and we appreciate that.”

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