Meet the New Mayor: James Evans

  • Written by David B. Clark
The city of Woodinville has a new Mayor: James Evans. Though Mayor Evans’ position may come as a sudden development in the midst of the last City Council meeting, his involvement with the city is anything but new. Evans was first elected to the Woodinville City Council in November of 2013 where he has remained on Council and held the position  of Deputy Mayor in January 2014 to December 2015 and then again in January 2016 to December 2017 prior to his penultimate victory on June 5.
Because of former Mayor Bernie Talmas’ seemingly sudden decision to step down during the June 5 meeting, council voted to elect a new mayor immediately. Mayor Evans procured the majority of the votes. 
Mayor Evans NEWWoodinville Mayor James Evans and his family. (Courtesy photo) Evans grew up in Woodinville. From an early age, his parents provided him with the framework that would support his numerous educational, professional, and extracurricular successes. Evans was a businessman before he could drive a car. Crafty with design and photography, at 14 he had his own small business where he snapped yearbook photos of his classmates. Evans then went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Economics with certificates in Natural Resource and Environmental Economic Theory in addition to numerous other accreditations. Evans graduated from the University of Washington.
Evans believes that Woodinville government should be welcoming, open, and transparent. He hopes that all duly elected councilmembers have the opportunity to bring perspectives from the residents whom helped elect them.
Mayor Evans has long stood behind his vision that Woodinville must preserve its rural character while providing “smart” growth for small businesses, especially in the downtown core of the city.
Mayor Evans has always been a strong proponent of a dynamic and strong education system throughout Woodinville. “I strongly believe that education can
and does make a difference in the lives of our children, their families and the communities in which they live,” stated Evans.
Evans has been very vocal about transportation and understands Woodinville’s unique geographic placement. He knows that Woodinville is an attractive place to live; he hopes to make it an even more attractive option for those that commute that desire a more serene atmosphere than some of Woodinville’s surrounding cities.
Evans provided the following response when asked about his plans for development for the community.
“The quality of life in Woodinville we’ve come to enjoy is threatened by urban growth, but that growth also represents an opportunity to define who we want to be for the next century. Woodinville has a unique and loyal population that chose to live here for benefits they couldn’t find in other communities, and, I will continue to lean on the citizens of Woodinville and my history as a life-long resident to inform the next wave of growth that our community experiences. Woodinville is a great place to raise a family and I’m committed to preserving a similar quality of life to what I’ve enjoyed for current and future residents.”

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