NMS Mathletes had stunning achievements at MOEMS!

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Several students from Northshore Middle School were among the nearly 150,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiad Program.  They participated in a series of five monthly contest of five problems each, from November to March.  The students did very well and were recognized with certificates for their participation.
NMS Math Club MOEMS 2017 2018(Courtesy photo)Twenty-one of NMS mathletes earned themselves the embroidered felt patch which is awarded to those in the top 50% of ALL participants: 8th graders - Arthur Tudor, Claire Li, Ethan Tang, and Samarth Venkatesh; 7th graders - Don Mo, Haley Van Meurs, Justin Chae, Liana Moldovanu, Tessa Han, and Yash Mathur; 6th graders - Anirudh Rajesh, Asher Villa, Daniel Zhang, David Lu, Justin Huang, Kartik Khanna, Michelle Li, Nina Khilnani, Satvik Kabbur, Sri Varshitha Pinnaka, and Zifu Wang.
Five NMS mathletes earned the silver pin which is awarded to those in the 90th to 97th percentiles: Ethan Tang, Nina Khilnani, Satvik Kabbur, Sri Varshitha Pinnaka, Yash Mathur, and Zifu Wang.
One NMS mathlete earned herself the gold pin which is awarded to those in at least the 98th percentile (top 2%).  At Northshore Middle School, Nina Khilnani, with a score of 23 out of a possible 25 points, was in this extraordinary group.  She also won a trophy for the top highest score under Individual Performance at her school.
The Northshore Middle School Team was named to the National High Achievement List for its score of 176 points.  A team must be in the 80th to 89th percentile nationally to win this award.
Congratulations Northshore Middel School Math Club and all MOEMS participants!  You make us proud!
If your school would like to participate in MOEMS (Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary & Middle Schools) next school year, check out their website:

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