Recycle Story Clarification

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The Woodinville Weekly story “Newspaper Recycle” that was in the August 20th edition was correct on all counts in reference to Republic Services although Waste Management wanted to be sure that Woodinville customers knew that they (Waste Management) continue to as always accept clean newspaper in their recycle bins. 

A statement from Karissa Jones - Education & Outreach Coordinator for Waste Management:
“While it is true that some haulers in the area have had to landfill recyclables, Waste Management has been fortunate to find other recycling end markets for materials and continues to recycle all recyclable materials. Woodinville residents with Waste Management service should continue putting newspaper and other recyclables in their WM recycle bin, not the trash! Rest assured all clean newspaper will be recycled into new materials through WM. Keep up the good recycling in Woodinville!”

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