Chief of Police Mid-Year Report to the City Council

  • Written by David B. Clark

The Woodinville City Council met on Tuesday, September 18 for their final meeting of the month. After the standard roll call, flag salute, and approval of agenda in order and content, councilmembers welcomed members from Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)  for the sole special presentation of the evening.

WSDOT’s presentation was on the SR 522 Paradise Lake Road Interchange project. Their goal is to develop an improved interchange at the SR 522 and Paradise Lake Road interchange that meets the needs of the community and traveling motorists and incorporates community feedback. The presentation noted that the project was invested in providing easier access to the Maltby Café and other surrounding businesses. The project will decrease congestion and collisions in addition to improving access to numerous local businesses, churches, and schools. Additionally, travel time through will be shortened.

The members of the presentation described that they are working with the WSDOT Practical Solutions process to get the right size project so that it can be funded and get built. The goal is to have the final alternative by December so it then can be submitted to legislature. The group is working to narrow the potential alternatives to two.
WSDOT will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, October 2.

After Public Comment, Woodinville Chief of Police Katie Larson delivered her Mid-Year and June 2018 Police Services Report to council. “By in large, crime is down in our city, again,” stated Chief Larson. While crime is down, Larson’s own “personal nemesis” car prowls, has seen a subtle increase. Part one offenses, those that include larceny, vehicle theft, and assault, among others, had decreased by 11.52%. Part two offenses which include forgery, trespass, vandalism, and others saw a very slight increase from 188 in 2017 to 195 in 2018. Despite this minor bump, total crime is down in Woodinville by 4.27%.

Larson went on to provide a mental health update to council and attendees. She shared that all Woodinville police had undergone 3-day de-escalation training, 8-hour Crisis Intervention training, and 40-hour Crisis Intervention training sessions. Additionally, they all continue to participate in ongoing online training. Larson went on to explain that so far in 2018, Woodinville Police had already received 38 mental health related incidents. She explained that it’s not just the number of calls, but the number of units dispatched and the average time spent on a call that are of significance. So far in 2018, Woodinville Police are averaging 97 minutes spent per unit dispatched for a mental health related call. Chief Larson went on to utilize a case study that showed that it took 15 hours to investigate a single call and approximately 10 Woodinville and KCSO personnel were involved. The mental health trainings are clearly forming more thorough responses.

For the next business item, City Manager Brandon Buchanan recommended City Council to approve a professional services agreement with GGLO for architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and related services for the Civic Center Redevelopment Project. GGLO and its subconsultants are expected to provide and lead for design purposes over the next two and a half years.

The council moved to approve the contract unanimously.

The second contract of the evening also involved the Civic Campus project. Because the Civic Campus project holds a great deal of importance to the city, the city staff strongly recommended utilizing project management/owners representation services. Buchanan argued that the project, from design to actual construction, was riddled with financial risk. This is a $4M dollar investment. “We need to be ensured that we’re getting $4M of value from our $4M investment,” said Buchanan. Buchanan recommended  Hainline & Associates, Inc.

Deputy Mayor Elaine Cook moved for Buchanan to approve and implement this agreement. “I am going to appreciate over the next couple of years the representation so thank you for being here. Thank you for your services” commented Cook to Hainline & Associates, Inc.

The motion passed unanimously.

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