New Northshore Gun Club

  • Written by David B. Clark

Right where Woodinville, Bothell, and Kenmore all come together is about to be home to a state-of-the-art, massive new shooting range and gun club. Securité Gun Club is calling this new complex, “The most advanced training facility for civilians and law enforcement on the West Coast.” The project, which has been a very long time coming, is scheduled to open in early 2019 though a definite date has yet to be decided as construction is still underway. The facility’s tagline states, “Passionately dedicated to delivering a uniquely refined shooting, education, purchasing and social experience in a luxurious, modern, secure, and family friendly environment while enhancing the lives of its members, guests, staff and community.”

The club portion of the property spans a 32,000 square-foot facility that occupies over three acres. The shooting ranges themselves will each stretch 25 yards and have advanced target retrieval systems, containment traps that ensure all bullets are safely sequestered, and air filtration systems that exceed the federal and state standards. The elite club will also feature a full-service retail store where customers can purchase firearms, apparel, ammunition, and a wide array of accessories.

The CEO of Securité Luxury Gun Club is John Fowler. Fowler founded Dirt Lorde, LLC nearly five years ago with other investors who have been purchasing property in Woodinville. Though the company’s Facebook page was created back on June 6, 2013, the project has finally picked up momentum. Fowler stated that this new business venture, “…is a high-end gun club catering to the training of law enforcement and families for the purpose of self-protection and safety of others.” Fowler says that Securité will focus on training and education for women and children of the community.

The community already has one gun club. The Kenmore Shooting Range (1031 228th St. SW, Bothell, WA 98021) which is owned and operated by the Wildlife Committee of Washington has been a fixture for many archery and firearm enthusiasts with over 2,000 members. The club hosts evening competitions, hosts safety classes, and provides benefits for its members including newsletters and discounts. Some members of the community do not see the need for another range. The city of Bothell did hold a public hearing notice on November 17, 2016 and had a public notice sign posted on the property that is now currently being developed. Local eastside residents Michael and Lisa Kazaras, a retired pediatrician and nurse, respectively, say that if they would have known about the development they would have strongly opposed it. Given the recent spike in firearm violence in schools, some residents are worried about young people’s accessibility to firearms. The dichotomy here is that Woodinville, Kenmore, and Bothell all sit on at the crux of two opposing sides of thought: that which embraces rural character and Second Amendment rights with the other promoting safety through stricter regulations.

While matters of opinion will be cause for debate, the communities are going to be getting a new gun club. If safety and education remain paramount in the practices of the operators, then the facility can act as an institution to keep people educated and aware while allowing those that simply enjoy firearm sports an unparalleled experience.

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