Snow Plow priorities around Woodinville

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
With the recent snow events, a thoughtful reader of The Woodinville Weekly asked what the priorities in plowing the roads around Woodinville are. 
The responsibilities for snow and ice removal on the roads fall to four different governmental agencies.  The Washington State Department of Transportation is responsible for clearing state highways and freeways.  The City of Woodinville is responsible for the streets within the city boundaries.  King and Snohomish County are responsible for the unincorporated areas that surround the city. 
Within the city, a Snow and Ice Removal Route Map is used as a guide for snow removal efforts.  There are four (4) priority levels assigned to roads throughout the city to guide which streets to plow first.  Those priorities include:
Priority 1  Emergency service routes, which include routes needed by police, fire, and emergency response services
Priority 2  Arterial roadways and routes to and from schools (when in session)
Priority 3  Minor arterial routes
Priority 4  Resi1dential public streets
King County has designated primary snow routes within the unincorporated areas that will receive plowing services first.  Based on the map, the primary snow routes in our area are NE Woodinville-Duvall Road, Avondale Road NE and NE 124th St. 
Snohomish County has designated Paradise Lake Road, Woodinville-Snohomish Road (by Costco), 240th St SE (through the Old Wellington Hills golf course), 57th Ave SE and 75th Ave SE as some their snow plow priority routes around Woodinville. 
Detailed maps and descriptions of the regional snow plow priority routes can be found at:

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