Bear Creek Elementary Boundary Decision Delayed

The Northshore School District (NSD) Board had another full agenda for the second meeting of the month.  Items discussed were the new budget, the superintendent’s contract,  preliminary boundaries and that high school start times will be changing in the fall. 
As part of the budget development process, the school district is required to hold a public hearing regarding the 2019-20 budgets.  The timeline calls for the budget to be adopted by the Board on July 8 and sent to the Puget Sound ESD by August 1, 2019.  The general fund budget is $383,200,000 for the upcoming school year.  The capital funds project budget is projected to be $154,284,000.  Included in this budget are the expected expenditures for the new elementary school on Maltby Road, the Skyview/Canyon Creek addition, Inglemoor Concert Hall, the New High School #5 and various building improvement projects including safety and security upgrades. The transportation vehicle fund budget is $1,300,000 and includes funds to purchase 10 buses.  The ASB budget is $5,430,000. The ASB budget allows expenditures for student activities and athletics. This budget is comprised of the 31 individual school ASB budgets. Enrollment is expected to increase to 22,990 full time equivalent students for the school year.
There were no public comments made regarding the budgets.
The board renewed the Superintendent’s contract for the next three years with an annual salary of $298,642.  The board shared how pleased they are with Dr. Michelle Reid’s performance over the past year.  Board members requested that the public review the monitoring reports that they used in their annual review of Dr. Reid’s performance.  The documents can be seen on the NSD website at$file/Superintendent%20Evaluation%202019.pdf. 
The Board also approved the Enrollment Demographics Task Force (EDTF) recommendation for the boundary of the new elementary and surrounding schools.  Three elementary schools, Canyon Creek, Fernwood and Kokanee, will have boundary adjustments, effective in the Fall of 2020.  The new school is projected to have 443 students with a total of 574 students impacted by the boundary adjustment. 
The EDTF recommended waiting to decide the boundary changes for Bear Creek Elementary until November.  The recommendation will be submitted to the board for approval.  Prior to that decision, NSD will be looking at enrollment numbers for the fall.  There is currently a larger number of incoming kindergarten students on the Eastside of the district than expected and the district is trying to minimize the number of times students are having to switch schools. 
Information was also shared with the board regarding program placement within the district.  The superintendent is responsible for deciding where programs are placed throughout the district.  The goal with program placement is that there is equitable access to all students in the district.  In regards to the Educational Advanced Placement (EAP), there are a larger number of students who qualified for the 2019-10 school year.  Based on these numbers, some new EAP students may be assigned to a temporary school for the year.  In 2020-21, the goal is to have an EAP program within each middle school feeder pattern.  District staff will be working with EAP families in identifying long-term EAP placement. 
Dr. Reid also shared that with the addition of a seventh period to the high school day, there will be changes to high school start and end times.  The high school day will be expanded by 30 minutes with 15 minutes added in the morning and the afternoon.  Most of the high schools will begin at 7:30 am with dismissal at 2:35pm. 
Dr. Reid expects that the morning school bus routes will be picking up high school students at the same time as they are currently picked up.  The timetables for bus routes are not established yet.  The hope is that there won’t be an impact to middle school and elementary school start times.  Feedback will be provided to the board in the middle of the 2019-20 year.   

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