Final School Board Meeting of the 2018-19 Year

  • Written by Kara Roth

At the final school board meeting on July 8, the school board focused on approval of items for the next school year.  The Board approved the 2019-20 Budget which will be sent to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for final approval.  Additionally, the 2019 Capital Facilities Plan was approved.

NSD is required to prepare a Capital Facilities Plan in accordance with the Washington State Growth Management Act (WSGMA) and the codes of local jurisdictions.  The Plan projects student enrollment for a six year period, 2019-2025.  It provides an inventory of current classroom space and the level of the service the district strives to give to its students.  Future NSD growth projects are identified along with the financial part of these projects.  NSD is eligible to collect impact fees and the plan calculates the impact fees to be used to help fund school construction projects to deal with the growth.

The topic discussed throughout the meeting was school start times.  Dr. Michelle Reid shared in her report that start times will now be a standing item on the Board’s agenda.  With the addition of a seventh period to the high school day, high school start times are adding 15 minutes to the start and end of the day for an additional time of 30 minutes per day. 

During the discussion regarding start times, Dr. Reid said that she is aware of concern within the district on the lack of progress regarding start times and that the district will be putting their full attention on it this summer.  Dr. Reid will be working with a focus group on evaluating bus routes and school start times.   

Another major project this summer will be installing new locks throughout the district as part of the safety and security focus. 

The next Board meeting will be August 12, 2019. 

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