Brittany Park residents sewing pajamas for foster youth

  • Written by Bob Kirkpatrick

From left are Joanie Bauer, Sharon Ballisty,

Auddie Goodman and Joan Blackshear.


Fairwinds-Brittany Park residents are sewing pajamas to donate to foster kids. Members of the retirement community have been making the sleepwear for more than a decade now.

“This is the 15th year we’ve partnered with the One eighty Foundation and Leisure Care to provide the pajamas to foster children,” Fairwinds Brittany Park Manager, Kate Harrison said. “These kids don’t have much—some of them have never worn pajamas—there’s something comforting about wearing them to bed—can’t imagine my kids never wearing them.”

Participating in projects like this Harrison said is extremely meaningful to the retirement community members involved.

“A lot of our residents have been giving to causes like this all their lives and they still are wanting to do so—still want to be involved,” she said. “There is something about giving of your time to help others in need that feeds the soul.”

Residents began cutting out heir patterns and sewing the pajamas in October. On Friday, Nov. 25, they’ll deliver their goods to the Treehouse Wearhouse in Seattle.

“It will be great for them to see this all the way through, “ Harrison said.

“It’s rewarding for them to know where their time, energy and talents are going.”

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