Millman is second to resign from a city commission

  • Written by Madeline Coats

Mike Millman has resigned from the Woodinville Planning Commission, citing an “unfriendly atmosphere” as the reason for leaving.

“I appreciate the work being put in by the volunteer Planning Commission and I enjoyed working with the group and planning personnel,” said Millman in his resignation letter. “However, there is an unfriendly atmosphere that has been swirling around our commission, open spaces and on the council in general.” 

Mayor Elaine Cook said she never got to know Millman due to his short time on the commission. 

“The good and positive feelings about what we are all working on together for this little city are bigger and have more teeth than the negative feelings some may have,” she said.

Millman’s resignation comes just after Paul Hagen’s departure from the Public Spaces Commission for similar reasons. Hagen said he left the commission after “baseless attacks for political gain” by members of the city council.

“It should be clear that when councilmembers attack good city volunteers, those volunteers leave,” Hagen said.

Millman was one of those volunteers. 

“I wanted to help our community grow in a positive direction and was willing to put my time and effort toward that goal,” Millman said. “This is not a climate I want to volunteer my time and energy toward.”   

City Manager Brandon Buchanan said the city is continuing to solicit applicants for the Public Spaces Commission and will now do so for the Planning Commission as well.

The Planning Commission is a seven-member advisory board that reviews and makes recommendations to the city council on various topic areas, including land use, long-range planning, capital project planning and commercial development.

Members are interviewed and appointed by the city council to serve a four-year term. Millman’s term was supposed to expire in July 2021. 

He also serves on the Board of Fire Commissioners for Woodinville Fire & Rescue. Millman was sworn into the commission in September 2018, just after retiring from the Everett Fire Department as a station captain. He served for more than 28 years with the department. 

Millman was unavailable for comment. 

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