Northshore community rallies together to feed area families

  • Written by Bob Kirkpatrick

BOTHELL — Supporters of the Northshore Schools Foundation have gone above and beyond their typical donation by helping to raise more than $39,000 in a little more than two weeks to provide meals to needy families in the Northshore School District.

“Local donors have fed an unprecedented number of hungry families – 197 since March 20,” NSF Executive Director  Carmin Dalziel stated in an April 4 press release. “In 2018, we started the Basic Needs Aid Program with the intention to help restore normalcy to a student’s life during an immediate crisis, but had only served 54 families since.”

That amount has more than tripled in the past 20 days due to COVID-19 and is sure to be much higher before this is all said and done.

“Never in a million years did we fathom that donors would be able to help so many families. Honestly, we were hoping we would never have to,” Dalziel said. “The need we are hearing about now from Northshore families is unprecedented. Families are experiencing the immediate loss of the major breadwinner’s income and the stories are heartbreaking. I am so grateful our community is stepping up to help.”

Earlier this year the Foundation received an angel donation to help remove barriers for students in the classroom. When the crisis hit, Dalziel said the donor immediately redirected funds to help families in the Northshore community. Since then, two other angel donations she said, have been received and several companies and organizations have stepped forward as well.

“The partnership with Northshore Education Association (NSEA) is most significant. NSEA is the professional association representing approximately 1,300 certified and 500 ESP employees in the Northshore School District,” Dalziel said. “Northshore School District staff make up 80% of the donors supporting the fund at this time, making it possible to support 100 additional families in need of groceries.”

Dalziel said each family nominated is eligible for a $200 grocery gift card. 

“The Foundation expects to have gift cards in each nominated family’s hands within one-to-six days of being nominated.  If you are a family in need, please contact your school’s administrator by email to get connected to Basic Needs Aid resources. 

“Like everything now, this is all new and unexpected. We don’t know how much more the need will grow, but we are committed to continuing to offer the support as long as we are able to do so,” Dalziel said.

Visit to donate to the Basic Needs Aid Program. Gifts of stocks and other nontraditional gifts can also be accepted. 

The Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501(c)3 non-profit that serves students and teachers in the Northshore School District. Foundation donors have funded more than $2 million in grants to benefit the district’s students and teachers since 1995. Visit to learn more.

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