Creative education during the snowstorm

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Snowmaggedon couldn’t stop this innovative school! While every other school in the area had to shut down during this week’s snowstorm, Chrysalis School kept on going and found a way to meet with students from home.
Founder Karen Fogle said, “In looking at the forecast, we realized we could be out of school for a week or more! We tried to think creatively about how we could bridge the gap between home and school so the kids don’t miss out on learning, and we don’t have to extend the school year. It was kind of a wild idea, but it worked!”
Teachers met with students online via Google Hangouts from their homes to discuss literature, squeeze in an extra math lesson, or suggest at-home science experiments. They sent assignments, readings, videos, and suggestions for families via email to keep learning happening throughout the week.
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Figherfighters creatively take on the snow

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

As our region has been threatened with back to back snow storms, the efforts to keep our area accessible has proven to be challenging. Many residents in Snohomish County have seen 18 or more inches of snow over the last week. That amount of snow not only creates hazardous road conditions and additional dangers for citizens, but it has challenged how crews have responded to emergencies.

Last week crews were dispatched to a residence for a medical emergency in an area that was not accessible due to the excessive amount of snow that was on the road. Crews were not able to drive to the residence, rather they had to park on the main road and hike in to the patient. Once they reached the residence they found that the patient needed to be transport to the hospital. Firefighters were not be able to use their gurney due to the current conditions and had to think outside the box to get the patient to the medic unit.

One of Fire District 7’s engine crews responded in the support services truck that had a snow plow attached to the front and they brought an inflatable kayak, too. The crews were able to utilize the inflatable kayak as their gurney through the snow. Crews comfortably placed the patient in the inflatable kayak and brought him safely to the road where the medic unit was waiting to transport. Crews used the support services truck to plow an area for the medic unit to turn around.

Although the conditions proved challenging, the innovation and beyond the box thinking by the crews made it possible to still serve our citizens.

Northshore School District Delivers Meals to Families

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
While schools were closed due to the snowstorm, Northshore School District  served over 1,500 meals to District families – all part of its Northshore Eats Program, which launched Monday, Feb. 11. This effort was rooted in the need to support families who depend on the meals they get at school or because they are unable to get out.

Snowstorms and Insurance: What to know

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
A series of snowstorms has left Washington residents digging out from several inches, and in some areas several feet, of snow. The heavy snow has caused roofs and car ports to collapse as well as numerous vehicle accidents.
Here’s what residents should know about what standard Home, Business and Auto Insurance policies cover as recovery from “Snowmageddon” continues.
Damage to your home from falling trees and roof or car port collapse due to the weight of ice and snow is typically covered under your Homeowners Insurance policy – but remember that neglected home maintenance can affect your claim.
Damage to your vehicle is covered, but only if you have optional Collision or Comprehensive Coverage.
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Property tax bills coming

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Property taxes will go down in roughly half of the cities and unincorporated areas in King County, and go up slightly in the other half.  

In the city of Woodinville, a median priced home ($663,000) will see a 7.07% increase in property tax based on the information provided by King County. 

King County Treasury will begin sending out the annual property tax bills February 14. King County collects property taxes on behalf of the state, the county, cities, and taxing districts (such as school and fire districts), and distributes the revenue to these local governments.

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