NSD Evaluating Boundary Changes for Bear Creek Elementary School

  • Written by Kara Roth

In the Northshore School District (NSD) board study session on January 14, the school board directors were updated on proposed changes  to  elementary school educational programs, the impact on enrollment at Bear Creek Elementary School and current adjustments due to increasing enrollment at Kokanee and Fernwood Elementary Schools. 

The opening of a new elementary school on Maltby Road will allow for some of the educational programs within NSD to be relocated.  The district currently has various programs that provide different education experiences.  The programs are Dual Language, Parents Active in Cooperative Education (PACE), Northshore Family Partnership, Functional Skills and Academics (FSA) program and the Elementary Advanced Placement (EAP) program.  With the additional classroom space being added, the district is evaluating moving programs to provide equitable access to the various programs offered.  In regards to the EAP program, there is a focus on having an EAP school in each of the four high school’s feeder pattern.  Currently EAP is in Bear Creek, Sunrise, Lockwood and Woodmoor Elementary Schools. 

With the EAP students shifting school locations, one impact will be fewer students attending Bear Creek Elementary.  District employees are researching what will be the best academic options for Bear Creek students.  Two of the options being considered are to make Bear Creek Elementary a pure specialty school with no general education classes provided.  If this option is adopted, current Bear Creek students will be shifted to nearby elementary schools – Wellington, Cottage Lake or Eastridge Elementary Schools.  The other option discussed is to change the boundaries to draw more local students back to Bear Creek.  The current Bear Creek boundaries were modified in the 2017-18 school year with the opening of North Creek High School.  Public input will be sought to assist the district in making a recommendation to the school board.  A final recommendation will be made by May of 2019.

Another area of concern is increasing enrollment at Kokanee and Fernwood Elementary and lack of classroom space.  The district is evaluating moving incoming kindergarteners at both elementary schools to other schools this fall as a short term adjustment prior to changing boundaries in 2021 with the opening of the new elementary school.

Northshore School District to Allow Some Elementary Students to Bike to School

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The Northshore School District finalized a plan to allow many elementary school students to ride their bicycles to school.

“Allowing students to ride their bikes to elementary school actually gives greater transportation flexibility for families,” said Canyon Creek Assistant Principal Alisha Airhart. “It allows students to exercise independence and responsibility in a safe manner that is also consistent with county and state codes. It also promotes positive physical health.”

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Lambert to Chair New Committee on Local Government

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Metropolitan King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert will chair the new council committee focused on providing those living in unincorporated King County a strong voice to their local government.
Lambert will also serve as the vice chair on several committees. She will remain the vice chair of the Law & Justice Committee, which is responsible for policies relating to public safety and criminal justice. The adopted 2019-2020 King County Budget includes $1.4 billion for law, justice, & safety funding to protect the residents of King County.
Lambert served on the leadership team that negotiated the 2019-20 King County Budget and she will remain the vice chair of the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee (which oversees supplemental budgets and other financial related tasks for the County). While Lambert has served on the committee, King County has continued to maintain the highest credit rating available to government.
As part of the Council’s annual reorganization, the Local Services, Regional Roads and Bridges Committee will work directly with the Department of Local Services, which was launched at the beginning of the year. The Department of Local Services will directly serve the more than 250,000 residents of unincorporated King County, making it easier for unincorporated residents to access critical services.
The Department of Local Services will work to provide better services, monitor service levels, and craft policies focused on unincorporated communities.
Lambert will serve again as the chair of the Regional Water Quality Committee and will also serve as a member on the Council’s Committee of the Whole, the Mobility and Environment Committee, the Health, Housing & Human Services Committee, and the Board of Health.

Red Cross Issues Emergency Call for Blood Donors

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
A donation shortfall over the winter holidays is prompting the American Red Cross to issue an emergency call for blood donors to give now to prevent a blood shortage from continuing throughout winter and affecting patient care.
The Red Cross collected 27,000 fewer blood and platelet donations the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s than needed to sustain a sufficient blood supply. During this period, about 1,350 fewer blood drives were hosted by volunteer sponsor groups than required to meet patient needs as busy holiday schedules kept many donors away.
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New Chair Elected at King County Council

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
Councilmember Rod Dembowski has been elected as the new Chair of the King County Council.
The decision was made earlier this afternoon following passage of a reorganization motion approved by the council. The legislation also appointed Reagan Dunn and reappointed Claudia Balducci to serve as Vice Chairs.
“We live in times of increasing economic disparity, where the middle class and our most vulnerable residents face unprecedented challenges,” said Dembowski. “King County has a tremendous opportunity to improve every community in our region and the tools to make it happen.  I appreciate the trust my colleagues have placed in me to guide that work and Chair the council in 2019.”
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