Police Beat 12/25/17

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Department
Forgery - 140 AV NE
Adult male attempted to pass a stolen/forged check at local business.  Suspect identified, located and placed under arrest.  Booked into King County Jail.
Suspicious Person/Circumstances - NE 175 ST
Local business reported possible shoplift suspects active in area.
Interfering with DV reporting/Trespass - NE 178 PL
Adult male arrested and booked into King County Jail after having been trespassed from location.  He also attempted to prevent victim from calling Police to report the crime.
Counterfeiting - NE 175 ST
Four suspects attempted to pass counterfeit $20 bills at local business(es).
Larceny/burglary - 124 AV NE
A   burglary   to    several   houses in new development under construction.  Construction tools and building materials taken.
Stolen vehicle recovery - NE MILL PL
Stolen vehicle located.
Larceny, shoplift - NE 178 PL
Local business employees attempted to stop shoplifter and a physical altercation ensued.  Adult female suspect taken into custody and booked into King County Jail for robbery, drug charges and outstanding escape warrant.
Larceny - Woodinville-Redmond RD NE
Victim reported theft of stone that occurred in 2011.
Suspicious Person/Circumstances - 14100 NE 181 PL
Unknown subject(s) moved reporting person’s vehicle in parking lot sometime during the night.
Suspicious Person/Circumstances - GARDEN WY
Child approached in local business by suspicious adult male.  No crime, but child was frightened by the man’s behavior.
Larceny, Shoplift - NE Woodinville-Duvall  RD
Adult male Stole $800+ worth of shoes from local business, but dropped them and fled when confronted by store employee.
Suspicious Circumstances - Woodinville-Redmond RD NE
Local business reported suspicious credit card activity from potential customer.
Residential Burglary - NE 175 ST
Victim reported forced entry into their home while they were out.
Lost property - Woodinville-Snohomish RD
Reporting person wished to report a lost wallet.
Larceny, shoplift - NE Woodinville-Duvall RD
Adult male and adult female stole items from local business, but dropped them and fled when confronted by store employee.
Larceny, shoplift - Garden WY
Adult male shoplifted item(s) from local business and fled in a car.
Larceny, shoplift - NE Woodinville-Duvall RD
Two adult females stole about $300 worth of clothing from local business.  Suspects fled in car.
Weapon violation/stolen vehicle recovery – 146 AV NE
Reporting person saw man with handgun in a car.  Vehicle found unoccupied, however, it was a reported stolen car.  Handgun recovered from vehicle.  Suspect gone on arrival.
DUI - Woodinville-Snohomish RD
Adult male arrested for Driving under the influence.
Disturbance - NE Woodinville-Duvall RD
Several Adults in loud disagreement in parking lot.

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