Police Beat - Aug. 26, 2019

NE WOOD- DUVALL RD – Booked male apprehended by Duvall PD.
NE MILL PL – Male contacted in business parking lot during area check, booked for multiple warrants.
NE 175TH AVE/140TH AVE NE – Male rear-ended disabled vehicle as officer was assisting to remove it from intersection. Suspect denied hitting the vehicle and fled the scene when told to pull into adjacent parking lot. Cited for hit and run and obstruction an officer.
NE 145TH ST – Parked vehicle damaged in business parking lot by unknown vehicle.
131ST ST AVE NE – Unsecured expensive bike stolen from park bike rack while victim used the restroom.
NE MILL PL – Bike stolen from bike rack in business parking lot.  Bike had been locked with cable, which was not found either.
144TH AVE NE – Unknown person(s) removed trailer hitch lock and took trailer from business parking lot during night hours.
133RD AVE NE – Victim had bank account hacked, debit card stolen and cell phone number hacked. Unknown where or how identity was stolen.
SR 522 EB/132 AVE NE – Male stopped for equipment and moving violations subsequently arrested for DUI.
NE WOODINVILLE DR – Male trespassed from business for causing a disturbance and attempting to fight with staff and customers.
NE WOOD-DUVALL RD – Two males entered store and made a purchase. A few hours later, they returned item and after filling out return form, pushed employee and made off with several items from inside display case.
GARDEN WAY NE – Car window shattered while parked in business parking lot. No witnesses. Incident appeared to have happened when adjacent car opened door, as there were also ding marks.
NE 183RD ST – Female reported her wallet containing cash and credit cards were missing from front seat console. 
NE 175TH ST – Police responded to a complaint of female with suicidal thoughts. Determined she did not meet the prongs for involuntary commitment. She was given information and released to her mother.

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