New Police Beat writer makes debut

  • Written by Troy Heavener

May 17: When the reporting party came to work at his normal time, he noticed the door was stuck. Upon further inspection, he saw that an attempt had been made to force the door open with some sort of tool. When an officer arrived, the two reviewed the over-night security footage. During the period of an hour and a half, a male made several unsuccessful attempts to pry open the door, retreating for a half-hour between attempts. The officer also noted a back door had damage likely caused by a similar prying device.

The next day in a seemingly unrelated event:

May 18: Late afternoon a call came in from the same store. This time two young gents came in and talked with the clerk about comparison shopping or whatever. They talked for a few minutes, when all of the sudden, "yoink" one of the pair grabbed a $200+ item of fun and ran off. The clerk gave chase, but to no avail. Security footage in both cases were taken into evidence.

Troy Heavener is taking over for Kelly Parker, the Police Beat writer over the last two years.

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