Police Beat - June 13, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Troy Heavener from Woodinville Police reports

Knocking over the nursery

May 27: A call came in from a local nursery. The manager wanted to file a report. It seems someone had been tiptoeing through the tulips during the night.

The manager told the officers this wasn’t the first time this has happened, and they posed a theory of teenagers coming through and spilling some of the plants.

The nursery manager expressed concern that this will keep happening, probably even get worse when school’s out for summer.


A new car!

May 24: The unusual location of a parked car drew the attention of an officer driving around town. Upon stopping to investigate, the cop noticed that the license plates had expired. After confirming with the DOL the expiration date in late 2010, the officer called a tow truck to take the ride to a more suitable parking space — an impound lot.



May 26: Today a car was burgled — this one legally parked in an apartment complex.

Sometime during the night, an unknown suspect may have noticed something neat inside.

They, he or she used an "unknown smashing object" to gain entry to the vehicle.

It is unspecified if anything was taken, but people do have a strange tendancy to leave the valuable items in plain sight.

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