Police Beat - June 27, 2011

  • Written by Troy Heavener from Woodinville Police reports

June 21: Somebody was out enjoying the recent good weather at a city park.

Before he left to soak up the sunshine, the potential victim put some valuables, including wallet, ID card, cash and a check book into a backpack which was placed securely in the back seat of the car.

He then locked the doors, and left.

Upon return, the passenger window was broken. It probably shouldn’t come as a suprise to learn the backpack and valuble contents were missing.


June 18: Only one thing was taken in this incident — the car. The victim in this one parked in an apartment parking lot. When they went to use the car again, they found it had mysteriously vanished.

The victim told police that the keys were in fact in the ignition — an open invitation for an unknown up-and-coming magician.


The week of June 13 was a busy week for loss prevention officers at a local grocery. On the 14th, a woman was arrested around mid-day.

She had placed several items into her purse and left the store.

Officers searched her and found the cosmetics she had just picked up, as well as some other items people aren’t supposed to carry around.

A few hours later, a person was observed consuming items as they shopped.

When the meal was over and he was leaving the store, the suspect was stopped for not paying.

Four days later, another shoplifting incident — this person was seen on camera hiding in the wine department while stashing merchandise on her person.

It was also a busy week at a department store.

Several incidents in two days were noted here. It seems there may have been a "bumper-car" ring set up. A driver banged into another car while leaving a parking stall. He must have noticed some damage because he indicated he would leave a note for the other driver.

Instead of writing that note, he drove away. The victim here wants to settle the matter "civilly."

The next day a woman noticed a dent in her bumper when she came out of the store.

While she wanted to note the damage in a police report, she didn’t think it necessary to press charges. This may be due to the fact there were no witnesses or suspect information.

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