Police Beat - Sept. 19, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Sticky fingers, but not from candy

A woman returned to her auto at a local sports venue for a rude shock akin to the shock of a surcharge at a formerly surcharge-free ATM machine: her purse, including ATM card, checks and other valuables had been lifted.

This was no sophisticated lock picking or crude window smashing entry; in fact, this thief saw easy pickings vis-à-vis an unlocked door. Like a kid in a candy store, this bandit helped themself without even having to deal with the metaphorical tight-fisted screaming baby.

The victim was subsequently notified by her credit card company that the suspect had quickly gone in search of ATMs (more than likely the free kind) and other localities aiming to cash in on the ill-gotten debit and credit devices. The victim duly cancelled all credit cards and checks.

Decorations not included

Obviously not satisfied with the luxury soaps, shampoos, sewing and shoe shining kits offered as a courtesy to their well-heeled guests, a thief apparently took the name of a bronze form to heart when deciding to liberate the “Courtesies” sculpture from a high-end Woodinville restaurant/hotel lobby.  As if it weren’t sorry enough when holiday makers decide to take the unethical route to replenishing their laundry cupboard with lifted linens, this brazen bronze burglar must have had home redecoration in mind, as this easily-recognized piece would be difficult to pass off as anything other than purloined property.

The suspect and sculpture remain at large.

Turn on your heart light

A GPS unit apparently phoned home and was spirited back to the home satellite with its dashboard buddy, a cd player, tagging along. This is one of the conceivable explanations for the disappearance of the digital duo from a locked auto parked in a commercial building parking lot. There was no sign of forced entry, no trail of Reese’s Pieces left behind, nor any sightings of strange silhouettes in the full moon.

Barring any communication from the devices via a psychic connection, we can assume they have, indeed, gone home.

A preference for Heavy Metal

In an act of thievery which is becoming as common as fathers chasing their kids around with power tools, materials of the easily-resold sort went missing from the unfenced yard of a commercial welding company.

With nary a grunt, moan or subliterary lyric, nor any head banging to speak of, the crooks made a clean getaway.

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