Police Beat - Dec. 26, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

No Gas for YOU!

A  man was finishing up pumping gas at a Kingsgate grocery/gas station, when another potential pumper pulled up in front of his vehicle, nose to nose.

When he had finished, he asked the female driver of the other car to back up a bit so that he could leave.

She refused, stating that he had parked on the “wrong” side of the pump, since his gas tank was on the far side.

Several more attempts at reasoning with her were met with the statement: “I’ll stay here all night if I have to.”

The man gave up, informed the station attendant and left on foot to continue shopping at the grocery store and pharmacy.

When he returned approximately 20 minutes later, the female driver had not budged.

At this point, he noticed that there was a baby in the back seat who had been sitting in the cold car the entire time.

He decided to back out of the spot for the sake of the baby, and left.

Police arrived, and by this time the female driver had pulled in front of another pump and still refused to leave.

She informed police that she was waiting for the man to return so that he could be issued a citation for illegal parking.

She advised the officer: “I’ll stay here all night if I have to.”

The officer gave her the option of leaving right then or being arrested and having her car impounded.

Reason finally prevailed, and our parking Nazi left with the baby on board.

It is unknown if her original mission of filling her gas tank was accomplished.

Auto Come Home

There are few worse ways to ring out the old year than having your car stolen.

Our hapless roisterer had parked his car in an apartment parking lot in the 17100 block of 131st Avenue NE only to find it had gone missing overnight.  Here’s hoping that the New Year brings suitable vehicular restoration for the injured party and righteous wretchedness to the evildoer.


Cover Up Caper

Cat owners out there are familiar with feline litter box routines, whereby the digestive byproducts are first inspected, then discreetly covered up.

A suspected cat burglar in the 12700 block of NE 178th must have forgotten where he left his specimen, as he was seen peering into various vehicles in the parking lot with a flashlight.

His explanation to a witness that he had been urinating backs this theory up.

Unable to locate his excretion and facing further questioning from the witness, our crafty tomcat decided to scat.


No Rest for the Wicked

You would think that burglars might give their craft a breather during the height of the holidays, but in a quest for that last perfect gift, a thief broke out the glass of a back door in the 19400 block of 132nd Ave NE and made off with an iPad and jewelry.  Here’s hoping those burgling ways go auld lang syne in the New Year.

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