Police Beat - January 2, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Break- room Bad

A suspected cat burglar entered the breakroom at the local PetsMart and went through an employee’s bag.

Some of the items snagged included the victim’s wallet and makeup bag.  It was also rumored that inventory counts showed a shortage on the most recent edition of Cat Fancier.

One can only surmise that the bandit made off with the makeup bag in order to perpetrate the following crime under disguise:

Cash Trash

Not satisfied with the previously reported booty, and under heavy makeup camouflauge, Puss-n-Boots went to another Garden Way business and gained entry to a locked office space.

The plunderer plucked several cards from the victim’s wallet and left the purse in a trash can.

Holiday Hat Trick

Having scored at the previous two workplace breakrooms, our feline defalcator (or perhaps a littermate) decided to make it three for three and traversed the parking lot over to Cost Plus to pillage yet another breakroom locker.

This time, those sticky paws absconded with the victim’s debit card and quite possibly some holiday Stollen and champagne flutes, which were up to 50 percent off.

Breaking news: No Shopping Rage

One should never go looking for crime, but this Police Beat reporter thought that if ever there were a place for shopping rage to occur, it would happen at one of the stalwarts of Woodinville holiday shopping’s guilty pleasures: The Day-after Christmas sale at Molbak’s.

Throngs were lined up in orderly fashion awaiting the 0800 opening.

Clerks were stationed at registers with nary a panicked look among them.

The opening bell released an eager, yet restrained crowd.  There was no pushing, shoving, nor grabbing.

Shoppers graciously answered other shopper’s questions on where they might find this or that.

The closest thing that came to registering an annoyance was when one shopper failed to realize the shopping carts had a lower level which juts out further than the top level, and the person in front politely pointed this out to the person who was inadvertently “pushing” her from behind.

Those waiting in line for the cash registers exchanged cheerful banter.

Nope, no need for police assistance at this place — just another reason why I’m so glad to call Woodinville home and why we all love this city.

Here’s hoping for fewer incidents to report and a wonderful new year for all!

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