Police Beat - January 30, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Even Steven?

A vehicle that had been reported stolen in Bellevue was found on the property of a business in the 19600 block of 144th Ave NE with ignition damage and a missing stereo.

When police arrived to investigate the recovery, the business reported one of their trucks had been stolen from the lot as well.

The entropy of the universe didn’t exactly balance out with this transaction.

2 For 1

Car prowlers apparently didn’t read last week’s Police Beat, which forbade any further activity of that sort.

The 14500 block of NE 145th Street proved to be lucrative larceny land this past week. One plunderer apparently made it a 2-for by hitting two separate vehicles and liberating a laptop, GPS unit and various other highly pilferable items.

Final warning you pirates: Knock it off!

All Deliveries in Rear

Altar wine is normally supposed to be delivered out back, but one wayward deliveryman pitched a bottle through the window of a church in the 17100 block of 140th Ave NE.  Sounds like some deliverance is in order in more ways than one.

There’s Snow Good Way to Cover Your Tracks

A Woodinville officer patrolling the shopping center saw a suspicious male who appeared to be prowling around a parked van.

When the suspect saw the officer, he took off running.

The officer followed the footprints in the snow to a residence where the suspect lives; however, his mother would not allow the officer to speak with him.

Mom said Junior had not misbehaved, so with no evidence to the contrary, Junior was free to play in the snow.

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