Police Beat - February 6, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Snow Bored

Apparently burnt out with normal snow-related activities like sledding and snowball fights, a couple of frosty crime figures took their flaky antics to a school in the 16500 block of NE 195th street. After driving onto the snow-covered lawn and leaving bad impressions of the furrowed kind, our chilly mischief makers decided to take their high jinks to the next level by stacking picnic tables to gain access to the roof, damaging roofing tiles in the process.

Please consider building a snowman next time …on your own property.

What Happens in Vegas

… apparently really stays in Vegas.  One fellow seemed to be pushing his luck when a Woodinville officer found him drinking an alcoholic beverage behind a mini-mart in the 13900 block of /ne 175th Street. A check of his name showed that he had a felony warrant out of Nevada, but our gambler had an ace up his sleeve: as it turns out, he could not be extradited.  He was cited for the liquor violation and released.

When Track Meets Go Bad

Woodinville officers  have been on special alert for car prowling incidents, so when they came upon two suspects attempting to jump the cyclone fence at a gym in the 18400 block of 140th Avenue, NE, our track star wannabees had some ’splainin’ to do.  After obtaining permission to search the suspect, the officer found some not-so-performance-enhancing drugs including aromatic green, leafy substances and other nefarious paraphernalia, along with an outstanding warrant. No high jump records were set that day, and the suspect with the outstanding warrant was booked into KCJ for that and for pending felony drug charges.

100% Off

January clearance sales attracted many shoppers to stores near the 13800 block of NE 178th Place.  Unfortunately, at least two would-be shoppers went looking for the deepest discounts of the five-fingered kind. One of the purloining patrons underwent the routine detention, fingerprinting and release pending theft charges. The other clepto-consumer apparently became overwhelmed by her newfound status as a targeted guest, and was taken to a hospital, pending theft charges.

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