Police Beat - February 27, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Cleanup on Aisle Five

A cell phone opportunist felt like she had really cleaned up when she liberated a device which had inadvertently been left behind in a ladies room in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE.

She moved her celebration to a nearby grocery store and began racking up minutes on her purloined plan to share her good fortune with friends and family.  It was either pangs of guilt or pings of the cellular tracking device which led her to ditch her new accessory in aisle five.

There is even bonus footage of her phone folly courtesy of store security video — no Skype needed.  Theft charges are pending,

Coincidence?  Or Cunning?

A couple were dining in an establishment in the 18000 block of Garden Way NE when their evening took a most revolting turn: They returned to their vehicle to find that a window had been broken and the vehicle registration taken from the glove box.

Since the registration contains information such as the address where the vehicle is garaged, one can only speculate whether this particular burglar capitalized on that address and the fact that the car wasn’t currently garaged there.

Whether by chance or design, the result was the same: They returned to their home in Kirkland to find it had been burglarized.

When You Least Expect It…

…you’re elected; it’s your lucky day: Smile!

You’re on your apartment’s video security system at the entry gate.  Seriously, girlfriend, did you really think you could just crash through the gate without detection and drive off into the sunset without that permanent video record coming back to haunt you in the very near future?

Yup, didn’t think so ...

How About a Nice Hawaiian Punch?

Nothing says “fun wedding reception” like flying fists of fury.

The festivities at a hotel in the 14500 block of NE 145th Street went officially out of control when one of the partygoers assaulted a hotel employee, the employee was apparently more forgiving than others would have been, as he declined to assist in the prosecution of the partying pugilist.

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