Police Beat - April 16, 2012

Car Prowlers, Mail Thieves and Vandals, Oh My!

The sunshine seems to be bringing the scoundrels out from under their rocks.  Check out these deals:

We have a car window in the 18600 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road being broken out with a laptop lifted, a car window in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE being broken out with nothing being lifted and two vehicles parked in the secure garage of their complex in the 14100 block of NE 183rd prowled with medication and a registration taken.

But wait, there’s more: We also have theft of checks in the mail from the 14600 block of 128th Ave NE and the 17300 block of 135th Ave NE.

Our deals don’t stop there. Two incidents of vandalism were reported after victims found gang graffiti sprayed on the side of their homes in the NE 160th/124th Avenue NE area.

Would the offending miscreants please return to your rocks?

Busy Burglars

Spring is in the air and it isn’t just the bees that are busy.  Three separate businesses were burgled in the area:

In the 17800 block of 134th Avenue NE, unknown suspect(s) pried the front door of the business and stole four televisions from inside.

A business in the 12800 block of NE 178th Street reported a storage container had the lock cut off and several welding tools and equipment stolen from inside.

And finally, unknown suspects pried open the door of the business in the 19500 block of NE 144th to gain entry and stole two computers from the office.

Sounds like a sting operation is in order.

Welcome to Someone Else’s

A victim in the 13300 block of NE 171st Street discovered two items in her shopping cart which she had not selected.  They had been charged to her debit card, but delivered to an incognito address.

It is unknown if the fraudster took advantage of the free two-day shipping offer or daily deal. This transaction got zero out of five stars.

No Happy Ending for This Happy Meal

A crook made fast work of a wallet left behind on the table of a fast food restaurant in the 17500 block of 140th Avenue NE.  It appears that honesty was not being served up with those fries on that particular day. We’re not lovin’ it.

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