Police Beat - May 7, 2012

What?!  No Cell Phones?!

Neighbors called police after seeing a suspicious white Lexus parked near their home in the 15900 block of NE 191st Street. The two female occupants claimed they were lost (probable), had a broken GPS (believable) and no cell phones (inconceivable).  They left the area before police arrived and could verify their almost incomprehensible claim of having no cell phones.

Like a Bad Penny…

Nothing says, “How ya like me so far?” like burglarizing the two neighboring apartments next to your girlfriend’s unit.

Thoroughly unimpressed with his introductions, police were called in to trespass the subject from the apartment premises near the 17900 block of 142nd Avenue NE.

Convinced that he could make a better second impression, this bad boyfriend turned up again for an encore introduction.

He was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

The Tipping Point

A motorcycle rider either left his training wheels home or had a bit too much beverage of the non-kiddie kind when he was found tipping over in traffic in the 13900 block of NE 175th Street.

He was processed for DUI and released, but his bike (sans training wheels) was taken out of play.

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Boys will be boys, but one way to NOT impress your friends’ parents is by taking a baseball bat to their mailbox and post, even if it’s done in the spirit of pranks and hijinks.

The owner of the pulverized postal unit in the 19700 block of 166th Avenue NE admits he didn’t witness the vandalism, but was aware of his son’s friends’ penchant for this most curious of young male bonding rituals.

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