Police Beat - June 4, 2012

Off Their Rockers

Police responded to the report of two suspicious men in the parking lot of a business in the 14000 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road attempting to contact elderly people.  It wasn’t a setup for some prank reality show, as the two were identified as magazine sales persons.  They were given the boot from the store property and I guess we’ll never know why they were targeting old people. Where is Betty White when you need her?

Grande Cojones

A budding entrepreneur sold a used bicycle at a business in the 13200 block of NE 175th Street and decided to take a baseball bat as his bonus on the way out of the store.

Feeling like he was on a roll, he returned to the store with another used bicycle for sale but was somehow received with less enthusiasm by the staff, due to his prior involuntary gratuity.

When confronted about the stolen bat, the suspect gave it back.

“Batman” needs to clean up his act.

Pool Shark vs. Land Shark

While keeping her eye on the corner pocket at a pool venue in the 12800 block of NE 175th Street, a shyster was keeping an eye on her wallet which had been left on the counter at the bar.

When the last shot dropped, our victim’s heart also dropped as she realized her wallet had been snatched and spirited away.  Never trust a smiling shark.

No Rest for the Wicked

A woman returned to her car in the 14700 block of NE 145th Street to find her car window broken and her purse and other personal belongings stolen from inside.

The thief wasted no time in capitalizing on the ill-gotten gains by using two of her credit cards almost immediately in Kirkland.

What do you want to bet that this pilferer doesn’t pursue their honest activities so expeditiously?

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