Police Beat - July 23, 2012

Maximum Benefits

An employee at a retail establishment in the 13900 block of NE 178th Place took his employee discount to a whole new level when he granted himself a 100 percent rebate on food, clothes and other items over a period of time.  One has to wonder if there are also bite marks on the hand of the employer.  The Woodinville detective is investigating.

Kayak Caper

Unknown suspect(s) attempted to steal a kayak from a rack in the 14300 block of NE 145th Street by cutting through the D-ring of the kayak and its heavy cable.  This was a short trip to nowhere, as the kayak was left in place and the perpetrators paddled off to other places to pilfer personal possessions.

That Extinguished Look

Some people think that smoking a pipe will make them look more distinguished, but in the case of a man behind the theater in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE, the look was definitely pot chic.  He was cited and released.  It is unknown if Magic Mike had any amazing Spider Man adventures during his Brave but hallucinatory trip to the Ice Age.

Prime, Paint and Steal

A homeowner in the 18700 block of 143rd Court NE was taking advantage of the window of opportunity for exterior house painting conditions by having the job done professionally.  Apparently, they were professionals at more than one thing, as some time during the job, her credit cards and an external hard drive disappeared from inside the home.  Another window of opportunity opened for the thieves, as the cards were used shortly after the paint job was finished.  The window of opportunity for recovery of the hard drive has apparently been painted shut.

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