Police Beat - August 27, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Encore Act

As if last week’s spate of car crimes wasn’t horrific enough, the bad guys have been at it again. Our latest victim reported her window smashed and her purse taken from inside while parked in a lot in the 14300 block of NE 145th Street. Another victim’s vehicle was stolen while parked outside his complex’s parking lot in the14200 block of 140th Ave NE. We’d like this to be the final curtain for this act.

Burglary Blues

Thieves shifted their attention from mobile targets and focused on stationary ones: A residence in the 18500 block of 133rd Avenue NE had a laptop taken from the office.  In another case, unknown suspect(s) entered a business yard in the 13900 block of NE 190th through an open gate and then kicked open the door to steal computers, a safe, purses and tools from inside. Bad boys bad boys!

Paper or Plastic?

A thief who was planning ahead brought a shopping bag for carting away the ill gotten goods. The bag, containing a jewelry box and passports from a Kirkland burglary, was later found in the dumpster of a restaurant in the 14000 block of NE 145th Street. The property was returned to the owners, but it is unknown if all lost goods were recovered. This was certainly not what anyone had in mind when the concept of recycling shopping bags was introduced.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Unknown suspect(s) pried open the front door of a business in the 19700 block of 144th Avenue NE and stole 10 cartons of cigarettes from inside. Here’s hoping that the thief’s mom makes him smoke every last one of those cigarettes and then lick out the ashtray. That should fix him.

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