Police Beat - Sept. 3, 2012

Eat as you Go

So, how exactly can you plan to pay for grocery items which are sold by weight, when those items are consumed as you stroll down the aisles?  Perhaps you could jump on a scale at the store entrance, nosh as you go, and step on up at another scale at the cash register? Maybe even get your fortune at the same time? Or possibly, if you’re doing the “dine as you shop”  at the 17600 block of Garden Way NE, we can simply label it as shoplifting and call it a day. That fortune said “Busted!”

Parking Loss

The idea of a Park and Ride is that you park your car, take public transportation, (thus saving precious energy resources) and return to retrieve your vehicle for the short, minimal energy-consuming ride home.  The unwelcome addition to this green equation is that third variable presenting itself in the form of a car thief.  This upsetting imbalance happened in the 17700 block of 140th Avenue NE. Anyone who has ever struggled with math problems involving two equations with three variables understands that there is no happy ending here.

The Twelve Days of Car Break-ins

A victim in the 18800 block of 143rd Court NE reported his car being entered by unknown means with the thief helping himself to three laptops, two cell phones and an iPad in a pear tree. A tablet rounded out this un-merry list of stolen technological devices. There were no reports of dancing ladies, leaping lords or other suspicious persons in the area.

Hot Pockets

The 17600 block of Garden Way NE must have had the monopoly on those with sticky digits this week as the day’s dining selections for one female suspect went from deli to purse without passing either “GO” or the cash register. She did not collect $200, went directly to jail and was cited for theft and released.

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