Police Beat - October 1, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Workout Woes

Thieves and fraudsters found golden opportunities at a gym in the 18600 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road, stealing wallets from lockers while victims were working out.  In at least one case, a debit card was used at several locations.  While many of us hope to “lose a few” during our workout, this certainly isn’t what we had in mind.

Smile for the Camera

Store employees noticed a Smartphone missing from its security device inside a store in the 18000 block of Garden Way NE.  Two not-so-smart males were captured on video liberating the gadget. Here’s hoping that their impromptu cameo will come back to bite them in the end that doesn’t smile.

Crimes Against Vegetation—Redux

In a crime reminiscent of a recent Police Beat report, an innocent tree has once again been victimized. This time, a 4 ½ foot Korean silver fir tree near the front door of a residence in the 19900 block of 166th Avenue NE had branches and pine cones cut from it. The would-be arborist-gone-mad left no needles or other clues behind.

Utility Pole: 1 — Car: 0

Police were dispatched to NE 173rd Place and 127th Place NE after a car had a close encounter of the colliding kind with a utility pole. The driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated, where he was also treated to processing for pending DUI charges. The utility pole is expected to make a full recovery.

Police Beat - Sept. 24, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Have Paint, Will Vandalize

It was a busy week for paint-wielding vandals:

A clothing donation container in the 17800 block of 140th Avenue NE has once again been the unfortunate target of theft and vandalism, attracting yet another troupe of transgressors. The hasp on the container was broken and the top was spray-painted in a most unsightly fashion.

Two additional suspects with a penchant for painting made their way through a neighborhood in the 15600 block of NE 195th Street anointing at least three vehicles with black and silver pigments.

In a final act of latex lawlessness, unknown suspect(s) spray painted “I will burn you” on the side of the school in the 16400 block of NE 197th Place.

Holster those spray cans, you scoundrels!

Clandestine Caper

In a most revolting development that no one could have seen coming, a victim reported her wallet stolen from her purse which was kept in a desk drawer inside a business office in the 13600 block of NE 175th Street.  Her credit cards had been used by an unknown suspect in Kenmore prior to her noticing the theft. The surreptitious scrounger left no other clues behind.

Lookout Fail

Police responded to an audible alarm at a business in the 14500 block of Woodinville-Redmond Road. Apparently, the two suspects had not considered the possibility that an audible alarm might attract attention, and failed to appoint the designated lookout ahead of time. Sure enough, they were caught red-handed inside trying to break into the safe. They were arrested and booked into the King County Jail pending burglary charges and Darwin Award nominations.

Park and Fried

Police responded to the report of an intoxicated male in the Park and Ride at the 17800 block of 140th Avenue NE attempting a back-in parking maneuver. This increasingly popular tactical parking method rated a FAIL in this particular circumstance, since there was a major element missing: his car. Due to his extreme state of incapacitation, the subject was transported by an aid car to a detox facility. We are all glad that he was too pie-eyed to find his car.

Police Beat - Sept. 17, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Down and Out in Woodinville

A Woodinville officer found three severely intoxicated individuals at the intersection of NE 181st Place and 140th Avenue NE. Two of them were vertical, but one had assumed a horizontal position in the roadway. Once they were all arranged in an upright alignment, they were questioned about where they had been drinking and then released to walk to their nearby home.

Standing Their Ground

Police were called to the report of a truck colliding with a group of mailboxes in the 14700 block of NE 178th Street. The officer found a truck further down the road with damage and a witness who identified the driver.  The driver insisted that he had given the mailboxes fair warning by honking, but the mailboxes refused to get out of his way. The driver was processed for DUI and then released pending charges.

Run Forest, Run!

The victim reported to police that somebody had uprooted one of the small maple trees from his garden in the 12400 block of NE 171st Court and stuck it under his garage door. There was no explanation for this crime against vegetation.

Park or Paint

A car owner in the 13200 block of NE 154th Drive received an anonymous letter in the mail asking him to park his car in his garage so that there would be more parking available on the street for visitors. Apparently, he didn’t realize he was dealing with paint ball warriors when he demurred. It was obvious that no referees or marshals were present as an unfair and imbalanced battle ensued where the car was not only unarmed, but not afforded the opportunity to mask up prior to the paintball battle. There was abundant evidence of overshooting, ramping and failure to maintain a minimum distance. The battle ended with multiple hits to the victim’s car with the culprits walking off the field with their lopsided victory.

Police Beat - Sept. 10, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Trading Up

A suspect decided to “just do it” and stole a pair of Nike tennis shoes from a store in the 17700 block of 140th Avenue NE, leaving behind his own pair of shoes.

Several blocks away in the 19200 block of 144th Avenue NE, a victim parked his car in the morning out of sight from his business.

When he returned a couple of hours later, his car was gone with a bicycle left behind.

Could this be the same thief with a warped sense of an even trade?

Judging from the pair of shoes left behind, something stinks here.

Loss of Suction

In one of the rarest scenes ever witnessed by womankind, a man was seen making actual physical contact with a vacuum cleaner.

This was apparently an act of mercenary tidiness, as the suspect was then seen running through a fire door at the store in the 13900 block of NE 178th place with said appliance in tow, making a clean getaway.

You Want Beer With That?

A store in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE was the target of choice for two female shoplifters in two separate incidents.

One thief stuck to groceries, while the other decided to add alcoholic libations to the list of ill-gotten goods.

Both were cited for theft and released.

Keep Your Friends Close,

and Your iPad Closer

A shopper in the 17700 block of 130th Avenue NE took her eyes off her shopping cart momentarily only to discover that her iPad had been liberated and spirited away from its unsecure perch.

Mom always used to say, “Breast your cards!” when we played gin rummy.

Sounds like that’s the only safe place for your iPad these days.

Police Beat - Sept. 3, 2012

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Eat as you Go

So, how exactly can you plan to pay for grocery items which are sold by weight, when those items are consumed as you stroll down the aisles?  Perhaps you could jump on a scale at the store entrance, nosh as you go, and step on up at another scale at the cash register? Maybe even get your fortune at the same time? Or possibly, if you’re doing the “dine as you shop”  at the 17600 block of Garden Way NE, we can simply label it as shoplifting and call it a day. That fortune said “Busted!”

Parking Loss

The idea of a Park and Ride is that you park your car, take public transportation, (thus saving precious energy resources) and return to retrieve your vehicle for the short, minimal energy-consuming ride home.  The unwelcome addition to this green equation is that third variable presenting itself in the form of a car thief.  This upsetting imbalance happened in the 17700 block of 140th Avenue NE. Anyone who has ever struggled with math problems involving two equations with three variables understands that there is no happy ending here.

The Twelve Days of Car Break-ins

A victim in the 18800 block of 143rd Court NE reported his car being entered by unknown means with the thief helping himself to three laptops, two cell phones and an iPad in a pear tree. A tablet rounded out this un-merry list of stolen technological devices. There were no reports of dancing ladies, leaping lords or other suspicious persons in the area.

Hot Pockets

The 17600 block of Garden Way NE must have had the monopoly on those with sticky digits this week as the day’s dining selections for one female suspect went from deli to purse without passing either “GO” or the cash register. She did not collect $200, went directly to jail and was cited for theft and released.