WHS boys soccer: Tensions flare as Falcons and Vikings play to a draw

  • Written by Derek Johnson

If one thing’s clear after watching Woodinville and Inglemoor play soccer last Tuesday, it’s that these two teams dislike each other.

Woodinville’s Trevor Dickie scored a first half goal, Inglemoor’s Jacob Kavanagh countered in the second half with one of his own, and this pre-season game concluded in a 1-1 tie. Woodinville left with an overall record of 3-0-2, while Inglemoor was at 2-1-2.

WHS soccer vs Inglemoor 029A referee looks on as Woodinville’s Michael Carlson pleads his case after being knocked to the turf. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

But what stood out was the rough nature of the game. Players were flagrantly colliding, tripping and knocking each other over. The air was thick with the sense of impending brawl.

“They play a bit crazy and we just didn’t show enough composure,” Falcon forward Mesfin Symons said. “But other than that, we played physical.... We come out and work as one, that’s our thing.”

“It’s preseason, so for me the whole point is to get out of here safe and with no injuries,” Woodinville coach Nathan Davis said. “And the first half was fine. But the second half the energy picked up and it got chippy by both teams. There were a lot of little fouls here and there.... As a ref you have to take control and say enough is enough. If you card my guys, fine. But card somebody. Tell the guys to calm down. And then guys calm down. But tonight their guys got chippy and our guys got chippy. And all it takes is for one guy to do something stupid, and high school boys will be high school boys and it could have easily been a brawl.”

As for the game itself, Woodinville was periodically on its heels for the first time all season.

“[Inglemoor] plays a very direct game,” Davis explained. “They play a 4-3-3 formation so they only have three guys in the middle of the field. And what that does with three guys there, they can’t play through them. We outnumber them. So all their game was to get the ball quick, hit it over the top to their forwards and run after it.... But in the second half we started to play like them. We started playing like chickens running around with our heads cut off. We just need to calm down and play a possession style game. It’s a good lesson to learn in the pre-season and be ready for them again in two weeks.”

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