WHS Girls Basketball: Regan Schenck on the verge of stardom

  • Written by Derek Johnson

If a mad scientist combined the athletic intensity of Gary Payton, the court vision and passing ability of Nate MacMillan, and added a dash of Magic Johnson’s dramatic flair, the alchemic concoction would result in Regan Schenck.

This probably seems like high praise bordering on hyperbole. But witnesses to the Woodinville point guard last year saw a freshman who startled onlookers as a firebrand of athletic ferocity rarely seen at this level.  

BBall and Swimming Feb 2015 062Regan Schenck had a banner freshman season. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

“The best thing about Regan is that she’s very competitive,” Woodinville coach Scott Bullock said. “I never had any concerns last year because I knew she would always battle and give her best. As a freshman there is always a transition period. She definitely had some learning to do. But now she has some experience under her belt and she’s going to have a great career here.”

Starting every game in the 2014-15 season, Schenck averaged 9 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists a game, helping lead the Lady Falcons to a 17-8 record.

“I was super nervous heading into the year,” Schenck said. “I didn’t know what to expect. But I knew that I was playing with my sister Rachel, who was a senior. I knew she would help me through it, and she did.”

Schenck quickly saw, however, that she was good enough.

“I saw that I could hang with the speed of play,” she said. “That’s what had scared me the most. “But I’m just naturally aggressive, and my team was always right behind me. I could be aggressive and I wouldn’t be scared of making a mistake because I knew any girl on my team would have my back and if I jumped on defense and [the opponent] got past me I knew they would be on my help side. So I wasn’t scared to be aggressive and that helped me.”

Last year, when interviewed after games, Schenck giggled and squirmed uncomfortably, offering canned responses and begging teammates to bail her out.

But last week she sat at ease while fielding questions from a reporter — questions like what most surprised her during her first season?

“I was surprised by how well our team got along with each other,” she said. “I’ve heard that teams often don’t get along in high school. But our seniors last year brought everybody together with team bonding and we got really close. There was no arguing or anything, and I think that helped us a lot last season.”

The Falcons have high hopes for the upcoming season, for this is a team loaded with thoroughbreds. They hope to run-and-gun their way to a KingCo 4A title.  

“Regan has great players around her, and we have three great guards who play together,” Bullock said. “Emily Spencer is a great defender, our freshman Madison Dubois is a great shooter and ball handler, and Regan brings athleticism, explosiveness and intensity. Together they are incredible.”

Schenck trained hard during the off-season.

“I worked a lot on my shooting because I needed a lot of work,” she said. “And I worked on my ball handling. I trained and worked hard through a long list of drills. We really want to get to State this year. The seniors are pushing for that. And I feel like as a point guard I should be a leader but the seniors fill those roles very well too.”

Asked for his expectations, Coach Bullock paused and revealed a knowing smirk.    

“Last year was good, right?” he said. “But this year we’re all going to be surprised to the level that she’s raised her game.”

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