WHS Track and Field: Falcons celebrate a banner day of beautiful weather and competition

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Donning sunglasses and shorts, Woodinville co-head coach Nicole Luckenbach flashed a smile when asked about the weather.

“Everybody’s in high spirits,” she said. “Everybody is excited and their head is in it more, because everyone is in a better mood. I mean, the sun puts everyone in a better mood, right?”

DSC 5938Woodinville’s Luke Asher and Alex Nottingham bear down toward the finish line. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

Woodinville was taking on Skyline at Woodinville High School, so there were green uniforms galore swarming the fields last Thursday afternoon.

One of the day’s highlights featured Woodinville’s Micah Johnson. An erstwhile member of the basketball team, Johnson tried out for track for the first time this spring. Against Skyline, he won the 100 meters with a time of 10.9 seconds

“Micah has a lot of speed and he’s doing really well out there,” Luckenbach said. “It’s been great to see that freshness out on the track and I think he’s lifting up his teammates to work a little bit harder too. So he’s been nice to have around.”

DSC 5974Saeed Haddad prepares to throw the discus under the watchful eye of coach Nicole Luckenbach in the background. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

Making waves this season has been a pair of freshmen. One is Luke Hauser, who won the 3200 meters with a PR of 10:20.65.    

“Luke has a lot of resilience,” Luckenbach said. “He should do big things for us and I’m excited to see how he develops in the coming years.

“We also have Kyle Mumma, he’s already at 12’6” in the pole vault. For a freshman that’s a huge height to clear. He’s another one we’re going to see big things from.”

Luckenbach was also quick to cite Jaydon Tryon.

“Jaydon went 160 feet in the javelin and PR’d,” she said. “He is just a phenomenal technician. He’s very coachable and has a great ability to absorb what you’re telling him and apply it. He works hard and he’s making improvements.  He’s a kid we will hear about in the years to come.”

Woodinville’s other head coach, Cody Vandermyn, expressed excitement over his sprinters, including Micah Johnson.

DSC 5982Woodinville coach Sandy Laurence exhorts Alec Savoye to finish his final lap strong. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

“Micah ran a 10.9 in the 100 [meters], which is great,” Vandermyn said. “He’s had a hard time running the longer races, like the 200. But today he ran a 23 flat in the 200, which is good form. He dropped 7/10ths of a second.

“On the girls’ side, I’m pleased to see Karter Boice run. She’s been sick and with some injuries, and she finally got in the 400 today and ran a solid time.”

And what has pleased him most to see this season?

“I’ve been really pleased to see our boys and girls 100 meters,” Vandermyn said. “A lot more talent than I’ve seen in the past has come out this year. Our boys 4x100 team was only a couple tenths off the school record two weeks ago. Which was good, because it’s been a long time since we’ve had a good 4x100 team on the boys’ side.

“Same with the girls,” he said. “Today we ran two 4x100 [teams], who ran about the same speed but a pretty good time. So that’s eight girls that I have to choose from. So this year I’m definitely pleased to see more talent and the team is bigger, with more sprinters than usual.”

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