WHS GIRLS BASKETBALL: Q & A with coach Scott Bullock

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Woodinville’s season starts the first week of December, with hopes of a State tourney on everyone’s mind. The team captains were voted on last week, and they will be senior center Gabby Whalen and junior guard Regan Schenck. The Woodinville Weekly spoke with longtime head coach Scott Bullock about his team’s prospects.

BasketballJunior forward Madison Lundquist will look to make her presence felt this season. (Photo Courtesy of Matt Campbell Photography)

WW: Do you see any improved cohesiveness between your two outstanding guards, junior Regan Schenck and sophomore Maddie Dubois?

Bullock: I expect those two girls to really play well together. Obviously last year was their first year together. Both of them have been used to having the ball all the time as they’ve been the point guards going back to probably third grade on their respective teams. Given the way we do things, they’re going to be on the floor almost all the time. They’re going to have to share that role.

WW: What do you foresee from both of them?

Bullock: They both bring different strengths to the table. Regan is exceptional at pushing the ball and keeping a fast pace. Her transition game is without [peer]. Her biggest challenge over the years has been to make good decisions at a high speed. But she’s getting better and better. She’s maturing, she’s getting a lot smarter about her play. And that high speed is just something you don’t see that often. It’s incredible, actually.  

And Maddie has a really good half-court feel. Last year she was our best three-point shooter. She was a really good decision-maker in the half court. We’re going to use them both and take advantage of their strengths. I think there probably won’t be two better guards [working in tandem] in the entire state. Maddie was a freshman last season and definitely had her freshman moments. But she’s got a year under her belt now and I think we’re going to see great things.

WW: I’m really interested to see how center Gabby Whalen plays in her senior year. What do you anticipate seeing from her?

Bullock: Gabby is our only senior this year, which is a situation I’ve never been in before, having only one senior on the team. Gabby is a great girl, first of all. But she is a tremendous player. I would expect her to challenge for a first team All-KingCo type [award] this year. I haven’t had too many girls who are as good around the basket as her. She has great footwork and good hands. She’s persistent and super strong. I expect her to have a great year.

WW: Who could we see emerge this season as a big contributor?

Bullock: Madison Lundquist. I’m looking forward to her having a breakout season this year. Last year she averaged 5 points a game, and I think she can average 10 points a game or more. She’s one of the most athletic girls on the team, as well as one of the fastest. She’s 6’1” with great reach. One of the things she’s been really working on is her angles. Making smart decisions around the basket, like keeping the ball high. Just a bunch of little things that make the difference between an average player and a great player. So if she can fully take advantage of her size and athleticism and strength, we will see great things. [She’s a] hard worker, though the game hasn’t always come super natural to her. But the [nuances] of the game are coming. She’s getting better and better. 

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