Dani Weir named National Coach of the Year

  • Written by Derek Johnson

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around to hear it, did the tree really fall? Philosopher George Berkeley famously asked that question years ago. 

But what if an organization hands out a Coach of the Year Award, but doesn’t notify the coach? Did the award really get handed out?

Fortunately, that second question won’t need to be answered. Dani Weir, Woodinville’s softball coach on the rise, heard through the grapevine that she was named National Coach of the Year. 

“It was a surprise to me,” Weir said. “I hadn’t gotten any notice until someone called me and said they had read an article about it. I had never heard of the association before. Reading further into it, my dad recognized some of the names. It’s a pretty big association. So I’m honored and grateful.”

The group’s name is the National High School Coaches Association. Their website says the following: 

 “Dani Weir led Woodinville to Washington 4A state championship this past season.  Weir, who won a state championship as a player at Woodinville in 2005, has led the Falcons to four straight league titles, plus finished runner-up in the state in 2016. Woodinville, which finished 26-0 this season, finished ranked No. 4 in the USA TODAY High School Sports Super 25 softball rankings.  Last year, Weir was named the Seattle Times Softball Coach of the Year. Weir is the first coach from Washington to be named the NHSCA’s National Softball Coach of the Year.”

Winning a State Championship brings these sorts of accolades and attention, of course. But along with that comes questions–like would she ever want to coach at the collegiate level?
“If the right opportunity came at the right time, it is something that I would entertain and discuss,” Weir said. “You know, right now, we don’t have a lot of opportunities in our neck of the woods to do that. For me it will be about balance. I have a family and a kid on the way. I can’t necessarily uproot them and go explore an opportunity on the east coast. But I would be interested in it if it were closer by.”

But she emphasized how much she loves her current situation.  

DSC 9378-2Woodinville coach Dani Weir (left) with assistant Mike Dale (Photo by Derek Johnson)“I really enjoy coaching high school kids,” she said. “And the diversity of coach-ing kids of all ages, 10, 11 12 years old [in her off-season camps]. Watching them overcome adversity and challenges. When you’re coaching in college, you’re exclusively coaching college-aged kids. That isn’t a bad thing, but I also enjoy coaching the little kids too.”

CanoDani Weir (left) posing with Mariner Robinson Cano (Courtesy photo)

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