Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance seeks to empower more  mountain bikers with 2017 Membership Drive

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, the nation’s largest single-state mountain biking nonprofit, has launched its 2017 Membership Drive to increase mountain bikers’ impact across Washington. The campaign runs until October 7.

“We’re seeing historic numbers of new mountain bike trails in Washington—and that’s because of members,” says Bryan Rivard, Evergreen’s Senior Marketing Manager “In my three years at Evergreen memberships have doubled—and now we’re wrapping up over 60 miles of new trail across the state.”

Membership numbers can largely impact Evergreen’s legislative abilities or proposed trail projects—which is why the organization is encouraging new riders to join, and existing members to bring friends into the community. Of the estimated 300,000 mountain bikers in the region, only 1% are currently Evergreen members.

“1% membership certainly leaves plenty of room for improvement,” says Rivard. “When you look at the new trail projects from our seven chapters across the state, 17,000+ hours of annual trail maintenance, and legislative work in Olympia, you have to think—if we can do this with 1% membership, what could we do with 2%? That’s why we’re reaching out to potential members.”

For the 2017 Drive, Evergreen has teamed up with Methow-based manufacturing company eqpd (“equipped”) with a special offer of membership and an Evergreen LastBag for $60. eqpd’s durable, sustainable LastBag is part of the company’s Built-for-a-Purpose campaign, which donates the entire retail profit to nonprofits like Evergreen.

Evergreen Chapters are currently working on projects like Evergreen Methow’s Chickadee Trailhead connection, Evergreen Central’s Ski Hill, Canyon #2, and Squilchuck and Evergreen East’s Beacon Hill in Spokane, among others.

“Too many riders think one membership doesn’t matter—but it really matters to the legislators and land managers we work with,” says Rivard. “Saying we represent 5,000 mountain bikers instead of 2,000 really affects how officials look at us. Ultimately, we’re just steering the ship—it’s the members who give us the power, and that power starts by joining today.”

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