700 Riders to Cycle Through Washington Oct. 8-10

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

On Sunday, Oct. 8, more than 700 cyclists will begin the 11th Annual Tour DaVita, kicking off in the Snoqualmie River Valley at Sky River Park. This is the largest Tour DaVita to date and we anticipate more than $1.2 million will be raised for Bridge of Life, a nonprofit funded by DaVita that works to improve access to dialysis and primary care in underserved communities around the world. 

Those cycling include DaVita teammates, physicians and 17 dialysis patients. One of the aspect that makes this three-day ride so special is the environment of support and encouragement that riders create and spirit of community. Riders from all backgrounds are empower-ed to reach new heights, mentally and physically, while giving back to the health care community.
Our dialysis patient riders are especially inspiring, as many have never done anything like this before and will be receiving dialysis on-site each evening at the campgrounds. One patient rider, Carl, is a great example of how he hasn’t let a kidney disease diagnosis stop him from living his life. He’s traveled to all seven continents and will be riding for the first time this year with three members of his care team -  his dietitian, patient care technician and facility administrator. We have another patient, Jeff, who has lost nearly 200 pounds after his kidney disease diagnosis and completely turned his life around. He will also be riding for the first time this year.

Oct. 8
Sunday's ride will kick off in the Snoqualmie River Valley, east of Seattle. The route takes riders along quiet country roads in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains and through rolling farmland, ending at Sky River Park. Riders can choose a 60 or 70-mile route.

Oct. 9
On the second day, riders will cycle north from Snohomish County into the Skagit Valley. Riders can choose a 72 or 101-mile route.
Oct. 10
On the third and final day, riders will cycle from Burlington through fields and forests and onto Samish Island, which offers view of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Riders will cover 58 miles.

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