Seniors Reflect on their Favorite Moments

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Last Tuesday, the Woodinville Falcons celebrated “Senior Night” with a 2-1 win over rival Bothell at Pop Keeney Stadium. Following the game, the Woodinville Weekly asked each senior for their favorite memory from the 2017 season.

DSC 0828The 2017-18 Senior Class: (From left-to-right) Chloe Lingen, Regan Schenck, Nikki Zaback, Tori Harding, Grace Zamzow, Cloey Chester and Karoline Wucherer Regan Schenck
“My favorite memory this year is probably running sprints at six o’clock in the morning at team bonding camp [teammates started giggling upon hearing this]. It allowed us to bond, that was the whole point of the camp. At 6:00 a.m. in the morning we weren’t the happiest group of people, but we definitely bonded.”

Nikki Zaback
“My favorite memory was after tryouts when our coach told us we were going to do a Cooper Test. We  had to run like two miles in 12 minutes. And as we were about to go, he said `Just kidding! Let’s go get ice cream!”

First-year Coach Andrew Croft on Zaback’s comments:
“It was the first practice after tryouts. The girls had been working their butts off. They all worked hard to make the team. I told them as a surprise at the end of two-a-day, `hey go get your sneakers. We’re going to go run two miles.’ They were freaking out, they were pissed. I got them on the [starting] line. I got a little upset, told them `Hey, you need to do this, it’s all about getting better.’ And right when they were about to run, I said `Let’s go get ice cream!’

“I took them to Cold Stone, and the rest was history. They were elated. I might have developed some trust issues, but so it goes.” 

Cloey Chester
“My favorite memory was from right [before the season started]. It was when our coach took us to get Cold Stone [Ice Cream} and then we went to the park and stretched.“

Chloe Lingen
“My favorite was before every single game in the locker room. We are all getting hyped with music playing and we’re dancing. We’ve always got our speakers and we’re dancing, we’re never quiet. It’s very loud... The music is like hip-hop.”

Tori Harding
“My favorite memory was the second time we played Skyline. We had lost to them the first time. But the second time we had a really good team effort to come back and beat them. It was the revenge aspect to our season. We were aggressive, it was our team style.”

Grace Zamzow
“My favorite was this game tonight [vs. Bothell]. Last time we tied them 3-3 when we all thought we should have won. So to now beat them on Senior Night is pretty awesome. We know people on that team so it’s nice to have beaten them. We have played with and against lots of those girls since we were little.”

Karoline Wucherer:
“I don’t necessarily have a favorite memory, but as a team as a whole, everyone seems like a family. Throughout this season I have gotten so close to everyone on the team and I’m so thankful for that. It’s a really unique experience you get. There are some freshmen and sophomores that I would have never met were it not for soccer. So it is special that we can create a new family for ourselves.”

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