Post Game Comments from the Falcons

  • Written by Derek Johnson

John Hamilton, defensive line coach
The most fondness I felt this season, was when we started the playoffs and we invited the defensive line to my house on Mondays. We would review the previous game and look at film of our next opponent. I fed them dinner. And it was the [first and second string] that came. And the amount that I got to know them more [as people], I will never forget it.

Austin Glenn 3Photo by Austin GlennKenny Kim, senior OL/DL
It just happened so quickly. You’re just reflecting on everything. Even though you lost, you remember that it’s the brothers around you that you play with every day, that’s what matters. Even with the season over, we’re still brothers. I’m really proud of how hard we worked for this.
Playing in the Tacoma Dome was everything I thought it would be and more. I’ve never heard a crowd that loud while we were playing.

Noah Tapplett, senior WR/DB
No regrets. This team came together as one, and it did something I will never forget. There is really no way to put it into words how it feels right now. People that didn’t know each other worked hard and became family. And even as the clock today ran to 0:00, it’s still family until [forever]. This season was a lot of fun, man.
The part I’m going to remember from my high school experience is looking up the lights of the Tacoma Dome during the National Anthem. Knowing that I’m lined up with teammates that I love and trust to have my back. That was an experience I will never forget.

Ben Pryor, senior WR/DL
It was a tough loss. I’m happy with what we did in the second half. We really put our heart on the line. Made some second half adjustments. Came up short. But come Monday, I think I will be really proud.
Coach [Matt] Laccinole came up to me after the game was over. He just told me that basically I came out of nowhere. Last year I was playing half the time at receiver, never played a d-end snap in my life. This year I had an opportunity, worked my butt off in the summer, and am glad to have had the opportunity to do that. I wanted to seize the opportunity and worked hard at that.

Noah Stifle, sophomore WR/DB
The season was so much fun. And the feeling I have right now, I never want to have this feeling again.

Rebel Hassouneh, senior WR/DB
Honestly, at 13-1 you could say big deal we won every game [until tonight]. But after this loss, you start to think so much about how much you connected with these people. Looking back, I didn’t know these people. I was even against these people at one point. I did not agree with these people. We squashed that beef after all this. And we’re one big family after all. Football brought us together.

Dawson Hunter, senior WR/LB
It was amazing, having everyone come down from Woodinville and support us. It was a great feeling, you know. Running out under the lights, never having played in a dome before. Probably one of the best experiences of my life, even though we lost.
After the game, we got on a knee and prayed together and hugged it out. It was a great memory I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Adam Turner senior, OL/DL
For me it has always been a dream to play here. It’s been an ultimate goal. I’ve played with most of these guys since the sixth grade. And to have that experience with this team, it’s unreal. We’re not just best friends, we’re brothers. We have each other’s backs. And we have great relationships with the coaches. It all works to bring us together.

Bradley Green, senior, long snapper
Going to the Dome, it’s a dream come true. We’re not hanging our heads. It’s a memory for a lifetime. The chemistry is amazing. These guys are my brothers.

What it’s like warming up during  games with assistant Sami Habib.
Usually it’s when we get on offense. Or when we get across the fifty [yard line]. I’ll say c’mon Sami let’s go! He has been there all year in the weight room and getting us ready. He has a good sense of humor and we get along really well. He’s always there on the sideline every single game and what he does for our team and school and community is really special.   

Brett Accimus, senior, RB/DB
Honestly, just love for all my brothers out here. We have no idea what we just accomplished. And we found how much we mean to each other. We got this far, but the feeling is just so...

Nash Fouch, senior, WR/S
The one thing I have to say is that it shows our love for each other, because nobody gave up. We played to the last minute for each other. That’s actually a pretty easy thing to do when you look to the guy next to you and you know that you love him. I’m proud of the season we had. I’m really grateful for this season and for my four years here.

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